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Vice President, Composer

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For his time at Def Mute Records, DJ VoiceCrack is credited with having produced hundreds of tracks across his tenure.

Long ago, he had set out to create an original Buffalo Grove Style - a suburban take on music that the artists could wear as a badge of creative pride and fans from all over could recognize and would respect. That style consisted of three components: Orchestral ambiance, thrash metal overlay, and devastating bass.

DJ VoiceCrack is the well-respected backbone of the label earning him the right to drop the moniker of producer and take up the title of composer.

Genre: instrumentals, techno

Music in this Discography

DJ VoiceCrack's 11th Album

Cognitive Dissonance (2015)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0016-xi; DJ VoiceCrack XI

The Music of Enforcers 2

Music Inspired By The Enforcers: Freedom to Wield Will (2014)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0015-xi; DJ VoiceCrack X

The Music of SpaceStation Thelion

Music Inspired By SpaceStation Thelion (2013)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0014-xi; DJ VoiceCrack IX

The Music of Constructs

Music Inspired By Constructs of a Maniacal Mind (2012)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0013-xi; DJ VoiceCrack VIII

The Music of Enforcers

Music Inspired By Criticality - The Complete First Season (2011)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0012-xi; DJ VoiceCrack VII

The Music of SpaceStation Colt 2

Music Inspired By From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos (2010)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0011-xi; DJ VoiceCrack VI

The Music of SpaceStation Colt

Music Inspired By SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0010-xi; DJ VoiceCrack V

DJ VoiceCrack's 4th Album

A Beat is Worth a Thousand Words (2008)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0009-xi; DJ VoiceCrack IV

DJ VoiceCrack's 3rd Album

The Down Payment (2006)

- DJ VoiceCrack

Catalog #: 0006-xi; DJ VoiceCrack III

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