A Beat is Worth a Thousand Words (2008) [Full LP]

DJ VoiceCrack's 4th Album

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79+ Minutes



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of DJ VoiceCrack's all new 4th studio album, A Beat is Worth a Thousand Words. In need of some summer bump? Well, this eighteen track instrumental epic is definitely trunk-certified. Even more than that, you don't have to turn it down when driving down the subdivision and you see little kids as there are no lyrics - only the Keyboard Master and his treacherous assortment of beatz. Versatility by design is what makes this album really work. There's literally something for everybody, so whether you're writing, freestyling, or chilling - this album will do it. Whether enjoying an open ride on the highway, creeping down the block, or stuck in rush hour traffic - this album will do it. Releasing high quality music that would normally be the backdrop to somebody's album for the public's enjoyment - this album did it.

As a special commemoration - with this album, DJ VoiceCrack officially goes over the 200+ tracks-produced mark. It's quite an accomplishment in this day and age for a person to have so much vision, Interestingly enough, that's also to be expected from a composer of his stature.

Track Listing

01 - RP II
02 - VoiceCrack Still Kills
03 - Noise:Pain
04 - Gunz to the Floor
05 - You Fu--ed Up!
06 - Roll the Dice
07 - Psycho Deuce Motherfu--ers
08 - Apocalypse Upon a May Spring Night
09 - Ghetto Fugue
10 - Chillin' NDP
11 - Road Rage
12 - Composition Aggression
13 - Poetry
14 - Interlocking Fingers
15 - There is No End in Sight
16 - The Anthology
17 - Underestimate Me, Please
18 - PDM


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