Chief Executive Officer, Writer
Edmund Alexander Sims
Chief Executive Officer, Writer

Edmund Alexander Sims is the Chief Executive Officer of and a Frequent Contributor for Dope Enterprises Infinity - a Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based company that creates, publishes, markets, and distributes literary and music entertainment. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and leading its two subsidiaries: Dope Enterprises and Def Mute Records. Edmund joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2009.

When asked about writing, Edmund's first love, he often takes a modest tact in describing himself as merely a scribe - just the hand which guides the pencil across the paper or the fingers that type the text into the word processor. Nothing more. All credit is really due to the characters because they are the ones who truly drive these stories. They are the ones who are responsible for navigating the most pressing of situations, sorting out varying degrees of conflict, and seeking some semblance of resolution. He cannot take the credit for this because, ultimately, their stories deserve to be told, and it is his duty (as an author) to honor them.

Prosaic cinematography and stream of consciousness are the literary tools that Edmund uses to create deeply immersing works which plunge readers completely into the middle of the action as well as the heads of the characters. With intricately woven story lines and a naturally diverse character set, he seeks to broaden the audience for reading while giving the bookworms a tantalizing new feast of refreshing literature. His bibliography includes the SpaceStation Colt, Enforcers, and Domina series.

Chief Executive Officer, Writer
Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims
Vigil Force(s) Leader One, Muse

Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims is currently Leader One of Vigil Force(s), a Queen within the Doran Aristocracy, the Captain of SpaceStation Colt, a Space Force Lieutenant, Dope Enterprises' Franchise Character, one of three Dyoogie Discipline Crimson Red Belts, a Wife, a Mother, and the company's resident Muse. She wears quite a few different hats. Marileva joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2009.

What started off as an otherworldly partnership, spanning both reality and creativity, has flourished into an impressive business endeavor worthy of note: Marileva inspired the company's earliest beginnings with its classic Original Universe starting point, was the motivating factor behind the long-running but yet foundational Zero Universe, and became instrumental in combining the current SpaceStation Colt Imprint (the Epic Universe) with its aforementioned past and the acquired properties of the Dope KPC Imprint (the Dope KPC Universe) to form the all-encompassing Dope Universe.

When not being the consultative driving force behind new works, Marileva can be found within those very same pages immersing herself in the performance of a powerful role - all parts adored, respected, and feared. Importantly self-made over time, she honed her skills of influence to a charismatic perfection wherein allies become advocates and adversaries contemplate defection. As the clear star of these works, the Lieutenant's brilliance is not of a self-centered nature, but rather her charity is where she truly shines. For the cost of a heart and the price of a soul, her very existence is now an open eBook for all to read.

Vice President, Composer
DJ VoiceCrack
Vice President, Composer

DJ VoiceCrack is the Vice President of Dope Enterprises Infinity and the Director of Def Mute Records (as well as its resident composer). For him, the extensive portfolio includes scores of tracks produced for the record label and also a host of solo albums under his belt. He joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2009.

Long ago, the Keyboard Master had set out to create an original Buffalo Grove Style - a suburban take on music that the artists could wear as a badge of creative pride and fans from all over could recognize and would respect. That style consisted of three components: Orchestral ambience, thrash metal overlay, and devastating bass.

DJ VoiceCrack is the well-respected backbone of the Def Mute record label earning him the right to drop the moniker of producer and take up the title of composer. 20+ years in the game, the style has evolved a bit - for the better.

Creative Director
Bianca Childress
Creative Director, Editor

Bianca Childress is better known as 'The Tiebreaker'. She is responsible for overseeing the various internal wings which have major external-facing implications: Editing, logistics, and legal. Bianca joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2009.

Contrary to what her official title would otherwise imply, Bianca is tasked with wearing the multiple hats which have nothing to do with product creativity but have everything to do with freeing up the creators for the purposes of them being able to remain creative so that they are not bogged down with the incredibly important areas that keep the company functioning smoothly behind the scenes. An invaluable asset, she keeps everybody focused on the way forward by clearing out the obstructions in the path.

Technical Editor
Thomas E. Moore
Technical Editor

Tom Moore is the answer to an author having to stop the flow of their writing in order to do technical research for a story. Once an adjunct scientific adviser to the company, he has solidified his place as its technical editor with his keen eye for the functionally specific. Tom joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2011.

Drawing from a diverse technical background in science and engineering help Tom ensure that the hardest science fiction fans are appeased without deterring from the scope or depth of the story. His focus is on molecular nanotechnology and materials science. However, he is always ready to consider the limits of the possible, and a little beyond, in the interest of entertainment.

Shokan Master, Mixed Martial Arts Analyst
Shokan Master, Mixed Martial Arts Analyst

Sheol is the resident statistician and a master (among other things) of obtaining, interpreting, and presenting competitive intelligence. While leveraging his media darling status which was obtained by sanctioning the universe-spanning dOOgie Wars tournament, he became an analyst for WZZZ and began providing invaluable insight through this partnership. Sheol joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2011.

Multifaceted in terms of ambition and approach, Sheol originally studied the Dyoogie Discipline but now serves as the Shokan Leader - holding an unprecedented dual membership with both the warring Djibouti and Shokan clans. One of the most powerful fighters in all the Epic Universe, there is no wonder why the He-- Sword chose him to wield it.

The Server Room Guy

To be honest, we're not even sure who hired this person, how he gets paid, or why he has his own office set up INSIDE the server room. What we do know is we're tired of him making up excuses as to why he cannot share the passcodes with us. That's entirely too much power for one person to have.

Most puzzling, we cannot figure out why in the universe the server room always smells like cigarette smoke. That, in itself, should be a terminable offense for an IT professional, but we also have no way of knowing how many backdoor hacks, encrypted hooks into the organization, or offsite backups actually exist.

The Server Room Guy joined Dope Enterprises Infinity in 2009. He expertly maintains our collection of web sites and constantly keeps the rest of our business technology functioning so we don't have to ask him any further questions.

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