Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book you can read electronically either over a computer or some sort of mobile device like an eBook reader or a smartphone. There are different format types, so specific software may be necessary to read certain file types.

2) Why would anybody choose an eBook over a paper book?

The answer to this question truly depends on the preferences and tastes of those you'd ask, but we'll attempt to answer this from our point of view. From a business perspective, the overhead cost to produce a book drops dramatically, and the logistical reach of distributing a book increases exponentially. From a personal perspective, space is at a premium, so the ability to house entire series or volumes or that one (every once in a while) 'must read' novel is becoming more difficult. If somebody could have told us the wall in the den with all those books could've been condensed to one Blu-ray Disc, what do you think we would have done decades ago?

3) How many eBook formats do you support?

All eBooks are released in Director's Cut (PDF) - although this is not a reflowable eBook format, it's a book that can be read electronically, so we included it; IDPF (EPUB); and Mobipocket (MOBI). A single purchase includes all three formats allowing you to pick and choose the version that's most applicable to your respective setup.

4) When will the softcover or hardcover be made available?

This truly depends on the demand for such versions and the subsequent market conditions, but the answer, if we had to give one, would be: No time soon.

5) Who is embracing eBook technology?

Any publisher that doesn't want to get left behind. As the technology to present eBooks becomes more robust with increased features and functionality which further play to the multi-tasking lifestyle of everybody being constantly on the go, we expect to see a significant chunk of the market flood the way of the eBook.

6) Where can I go to get free software to read your eBooks?

Director's Cut (PDF) can be read with Adobe Reader.

IDPF (EPUB) and Mobipocket (MOBI) can be read with Calibre.

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