Cognitive Dissonance (2015) [Full LP]

DJ VoiceCrack's 11th Album

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75+ Minutes



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of DJ VoiceCrack's all new 11th studio album, Cognitive Dissonance. How many of us have had to deal with the short end of the stick when it comes to perception? Although this isn't one of my novel soundtracks, I've managed to compose some theme music for the underdog. Take a little time to get to know that person. Their plight. The capability. One wouldn't think beatz as ridiculously hard as these could be so thought-provoking. Even the song titles lend themselves to interpretation. However in seeking out another's heart, are we merely the judge of covers? Are we so sure of ourselves and our literacy when reading between the lines of another who has infinitely more familiarity with their own soul? Listen among the bars and open yourself up to hear what you never thought possible. Instrumentals might be old hat to me, but originality is still my commodity. It's all about what you'll allow yourself to believe once presented with something that plays counter to your beliefs. This one's dedicated to the Mac-X Crew. GMNT, Earl Solow, and E Luv had faith in me, so I took that leap all those many years and hundreds of tracks ago. Share in my vision and expand your own horizons. - DJ VoiceCrack

Track Listing

01 - Irreconcilable Differences
02 - 26
03 - RQ Evers
04 - Take My Respect
05 - One Less...
06 - Shouldna Lookt Up
07 - Bells and Bass
08 - The Day they Took Out Solow
09 - Blasphemy
10 - The Quiet Ones & Little Shi-s
11 - Freedom to Wield Will
12 - Empathy
13 - One Day!
14 - The M-XC
15 - RP III
16 - Chthonic


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