Dope Enterprises eBook Length Tiers

Scowering the internet and only coming up with random answers to our questions as to what parameters constituted a Novel, we decided to come up with our own metrics. The below seems to be fairly logical, so if it works for you too, please feel free to use it.

Micro-Story Up to 1,500 words

Short Story From 1,501 words to 5,000 words

Novelette From 5,001 words to 15,000 words

Novella From 15,001 words to 50,000 words

Novel From 50,001 words to 150,000 words

Ultra Novel From 150,001 words on up

Ever Growing List of Literary Genre Distinctions (Combinable)

Outside this website and on other authorized venues, our work may be listed all over the place in all kinds of different categories, but these are what the genre specifications are intended to be and mean to us.

Action Stories that are action-packed

Adventure Stories involving a quest as the focus

Autobiography Stories written by the author about the author

Comedy Stories involving humor as the focus

Documentary Stories that detail an occurrence

Drama Stories that detail an existence

Fantasy Stories more deeply rooted in mysticism

Horror Stories more deeply rooted in barbarism

Musical Stories involving music as the focus

Mystery Stories involving case-solving as the focus

Non-Science Fiction Stories more deeply rooted in science which include the author

Nonfiction Stories that are true

Poetry Stories written as poems or the actual collection of poems

Romance Stories involving love or lust as the focus

Science Fiction Stories more deeply rooted in science

Sport Stories involving an athletic competition as the focus

Ultra Violence Stories where anime, hardcore wrestling, and video game concepts see the light of written word

Def Mute Records Music Running Time Tiers

We remember the days when a forty-five minute album constituted a Full LP. Those albums always seemed like they were longer than they really were until artists and groups started doubling those running times up with ease. Soon the quality and quantity discussions started up on our very own record label, but regardless, we now know what to call whatever it is we produce - however long it might be.

Single One (1) song per EP, Two (2) songs per LP

EP Up to forty-five (45) minutes

Full LP From forty-five (45) minutes to ninety (90) minutes

Double LP From ninety (90+) minutes on up

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