Music Inspired By Criticality - The Complete First Season (2011) [Full LP]

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Def Mute Records is proud to announce the release of DJ VoiceCrack's all new 7th studio album Music Inspired By Criticality - The Complete First Season. Whether a listener keys in on the sultry 'Watchful Eye', the immersing 'Migraine Manaqua', or the aggressive 'Shokan Jazz', it is clear the soundtrack creates an atmosphere that is both dark but delicate. As a complement to the literary novel from which this music album was inspired, the frailty of the times during the story's setting derives the subtle call while the story's foreboding concern creates a worrisome undertone to the answer. In producing the original score to this book, the Keyboard Master took care to, again, not hold anything back in showcasing his Buffalo Grove Style of musical composition: Orchestral Overtones, Thrash Metal, and Devastating Bass. The last sentence is actually important to note because the novel "Criticality - The Complete First Season" was not originally slated to have its own soundtrack. A lot of discussion had gone back and forth on the matter, but at the end of those discussions, the story demanded it and DJ VoiceCrack delivered.

Track Listing

01 - Criticality
02 - Nine-Thirteen (Opening Theme)
03 - Mad 'Cause it Snowed
04 - Use of Pondering the Loom
05 - Watchful Eye
06 - Rogue Cops
07 - From Buffalo Grove to Second Earth
08 - Headbangin' in My Cubicle
09 - Stalkord to the Nines (Middle Theme)
10 - Billy's Anguish, Sylvia's Affliction
11 - Lord of the Sixteens
12 - Migraine Manaqua
13 - Veteran Warfare
14 - Shokan Jazz
15 - Ten Times Out of Nine (Closing Theme)


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