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Whether you have questions for the creative staff, comments on Sheol's fight rankings, or even just feedback/criticism/suggestions; we'd love to hear from you.

Questions for the Creative Staff

We've mastered the art of clarifying and explaining book sequences without providing spoilers. If there's something you don't quite understand, please feel free to ask about it. You're taking the time to read our work, so we'll take the time to discuss it with you!

Business and pleasure. Please also reach out to us for matters of a more corporate nature as well.

Comments on the Character Rankings

Sheol is but one man - a very knowledgeable and skilled man, however maybe he missed an angle or could've been more clear. Let us know your thoughts on his fight rankings!

Feedback, Criticism, and Suggestions

Feedback is always welcome, and we keep our minds open to criticism as well. Suggestions are taken back and discussed, so we like to see those as well.


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