The Down Payment (2006) [Full LP]

DJ VoiceCrack's 3rd Album

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69+ Minutes



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of DJ VoiceCrack's all new 3rd studio album The Down Payment. As the well-respected backbone of the record label, DJ VoiceCrack has been a staple in the Def Mute Records organization since its earliest/humblest beginnings. This album continues the production brilliance by daring, no, succeeding in taking the music to a different level than the Buffalo Grove Style of Rap composition he had become accustomed to and comfortable with over these many, past years. Just because the album features a mix of Drum and Bass, House, and Techno flavors doesn't mean it's any less treacherous. In fact it makes the walls bang that much more so. Whether you're on a road trip, need to hype up the party, or just want something original to get your own creative juices flowing - this is definitely the album for you.

Track Listing

01 - RP
02 - The Capacity to Kill
03 - Fu-- Thy Enemy
04 - Velocitation
05 - Ambient Bass
06 - Da Club Hit
07 - Choler
08 - Double Inverted
09 - E407 - Armstrong Hall, Brody Complex
10 - Religion, Politics, and Video Games
11 - The Dark Arts
12 - Kill for the Right to Vote
13 - Carnal - Pre Tax
14 - TruE Luv (SpaceStation Colt Theme)


DJ VoiceCrack III



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