The Down Payment (2006) [Full LP]

DJ VoiceCrack's 3rd Album

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69+ Minutes



The Capacity to Kill

Double Inverted


Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of DJ VoiceCrack's all new 3rd studio album The Down Payment. As the well-respected backbone of the record label, DJ VoiceCrack has been a staple in the Def Mute Records organization since its earliest/humblest beginnings. This album continues the production brilliance by daring, no, succeeding in taking the music to a different level than the Buffalo Grove Style of Rap composition he had become accustomed to and comfortable with over these many, past years. Just because the album features a mix of Drum and Bass, House, and Techno flavors doesn't mean it's any less treacherous. In fact it makes the walls bang that much more so. Whether you're on a road trip, need to hype up the party, or just want something original to get your own creative juices flowing - this is definitely the album for you.

Track Listing

01 - RP
02 - The Capacity to Kill
03 - Fu-- Thy Enemy
04 - Velocitation
05 - Ambient Bass
06 - Da Club Hit
07 - Choler
08 - Double Inverted
09 - E407 - Armstrong Hall, Brody Complex
10 - Religion, Politics, and Video Games
11 - The Dark Arts
12 - Kill for the Right to Vote
13 - Carnal - Pre Tax
14 - TruE Luv (SpaceStation Colt Theme)


DJ VoiceCrack III



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