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Dope Enterprises Infinity is the Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based parent company of (eBook publisher) Dope Enterprises and (record label) Def Mute Records.

Dope Enterprises is a plot-driven and character-run publisher of the eBook series: SpaceStation Colt, The Enforcers, and Domina. Cerebral, character-focused works; epic story lines; property-spanning arcs; stylish, original literature; and tight continuity are the components that aid us in Building a Universe, One Word at a Time. Our goal is to amass the largest - most delicately-crafted, intricately-woven, meticulously-indexed, and expertly-managed universe ever created: The Dope Universe.

Def Mute Records is the principal source of music-related products and services by underground musical entrepreneurs: DJ VoiceCrack, E Luv, and The Mac-X Crew. Having released its first official underground tape in 1993 and fresh off the heels of success regarding in-house composer DJ VoiceCrack's having produced hundreds of tracks across that tenure, Def Mute is a record label poised to expand the music entertainment market with both premium tunes and forward thinking.

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