Music Inspired By SpaceStation Thelion (2013) [Double LP]

The Music of SpaceStation Thelion

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97+ Minutes



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the release of DJ VoiceCrack's all new 9th studio album Music Inspired By SpaceStation Thelion. Part of being a composer for soundtracks of eBooks means I need to work very closely with the writer in order to get an idea of how the story is supposed to come off whether a particular eBook is completed or not (simply in concept form). The other part of being a composer means falling in love with the eBook series and watching the writer's back. The SpaceStation Thelion project is one of those examples where I spoke up during our planning meetings and requested a specific story be made. Now I can't take credit for the plot of the eBook because this was a long time in coming, but I'd like to think I had a small hand in its execution. Notice how I've written very little about the actual content of the album. The forethought that went into this is where my heart is at on its composition. A double album for a two chapter eBook needs no embellishments. - DJ VoiceCrack

Track Listing

01 - Botswarra Outpost
02 - Grind Daily
03 - A Tragedian Fantasy
04 - Diamonds from Asteroids
05 - Hooked on Codex
06 - Pragmatic Captain Iiprlsciee
07 - Slorg Ingenuity
08 - To Err on the Side of Peace
09 - The Wraith
10 - Reignition Sequence
11 - Ethnocentro
12 - Death Macabre Reap
13 - Jaded Annals of the Cacophonous Realm
14 - Lemuel's Blog
15 - ...---...


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