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Angular Trifecta (2016) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0009-de; Angular Trifecta #1

Galaxy Bloc's solidarity is endangered by Space Force sanctions, internal strife, and foreign threats.


Domina #2: Blood Can Be Revoked (2015) [Novella]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0008-de; Domina #2

Buffalo Grove's champion is tested on a universal stage but winds up teaching the course.

The Enforcers 2

The Enforcers: Freedom to Wield Will (2014) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0007-de; The Enforcers #2

Faces and names are finally put to the Space Force's fabled black ops unit, but fractures exist within the team.

SpaceStation Thelion

SpaceStation Thelion (2013) [Novella]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0006-de

A tragedy told in two distinct acts with ramifications from these events (and those prompting them) set to spill out across the Dope Universe.


Domina: Society's Ilk (2012) [Novelette]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0005-de; Domina #1

The debut nanite-enhanced exploits of a real-life superheroine - a fetish-lover's dream, explained in blistering hard science fiction detail.


Constructs of a Maniacal Mind (2012) [Novelette]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0004-de

An autobiography written via 140-character status updates. Where were you during the global conversation?

The Enforcers

Criticality - The Complete First Season (2011) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0003-de; The Enforcers #1

A decentralized series of random events affecting four different people have one confidential Space Force link in common.

SpaceStation Colt 2

From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos (2010) [Ultra Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0002-de; SpaceStation Colt #2

Battered and decimated, the crew of SpaceStation Colt responds to the demands of a stealth war with expanded personal horizons.

SpaceStation Colt

SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0001-de; SpaceStation Colt #1

Earth's remaining Space Force contingent fends off the opening salvo to a much larger and more complex struggle.

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