From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos (2010) [Ultra Novel]


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From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos is the second novel of the True Love Trilogy - a genre-crossing story line that could pass as much for action and romance as it does its noticeably pointed focus in modern science fiction. Continuing things within the SpaceStation Colt series, this second book takes a startling detour for the darkest concerning an interstellar conflict which spans not only the Epic Universe (2009 - ) but its defunct literary predecessor Zero Universe (1987 - 1994) forever linking the two together. Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims returns to sort through the events introduced in her own universe while navigating the events left unfinished from a universe she never even knew existed. This eBook is one of those rare literary works that is so self-aware it becomes a mastery in every sense of its allotted genres by deeply honoring the characters and lending much-deserved closure to the old while propelling the current into their own new, expansive light credibly. Something To Root For: The intrigue of pro- and antagonistic characters makes them both thoroughly enjoyable; the amount and level of social commentary is staggering; the fiction part of this sequel happens to be almost three times the size of its predecessor while the science part includes stepped up technology to match; and the eloquence of the prose is matched only by the complexity of the story.

From Edmund Alexander Sims

From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos is my apology to the characters of the SpaceStation Colt Zero Universe which ended back in 1994 with a story by the same name. Everything I've written to this point in the now SpaceStation Colt Epic Universe has been not only an homage but a chance to set things right without having to reboot the previous series. These aforementioned characters deserved better than what I was capable of delivering for them sixteen years ago, and my only hope is that this effort makes them proud.

Table of Contents

19: The Rematch
20: Victim Mentality
21: Composition Aggression
22: Month-to-Month
23: The Lull Before the Slaughter
24: Answers to Questions not Asked
25: Edmund Versus Marileva
26: Forked Inroads
27: The Inmates Running the Penal Colony
28: Pieces of the Missing Puzzle
29: Another Good Turn
30: Ardent Felip
31: Coup D'├ętit for Coup D'├ętat
32: The Law of the Second
33: Enemy of My Enemy, My Enemy
34: Shadows of Redemption
35: Beyond Exit Strategy
36: Pinned Hopes on Pipe Dreams
37: Home Field Disadvantage
38: Crux Versus Marileva II
39: Leerily We Watch, Part One
40: Leerily We Watch, Part Two


Between a rock and a hard place, closer to the rock, but need to get to the hard place


All this meant three sections: Conference, Non-Ranking Officials' Living, and Engineering were left unaccounted for as the Lieutenant would have heard from any one of her senior staff if the Aggressors ventured into their respective sections. There was no time to ascertain the meaning of Terry's mobility in whereabouts, so she chose to divert, "Xach, I'll handle the Cockpit. I need you to get to Engineering immediately."

"On my way," Xach's voice came back over Marileva's Ear-To-Mouth Com. There was no use in broadcasting the plans to all the ship for the Aggressors to be able to pick up on and hear her impending troop movements, so discreet feeds were to be the best and only lines of communication used during a silent alarm Red Light Mode scenario such as this.

The Lieutenant was very pleased to see Brody headed over to the Docking Bay Section, and she might have taken that as her responsibility if Terry had not left his post and stifled her movement. He had every right to do so, but a heads-up would have been nice in leaving the Engineering Section unattended by any sort of trusted presence.

As for the Conference Section - well, the screams from outside the Cockpit meant Marileva and the rapidly approaching Aggressor might require some room to spread out.

Series and Volume

SpaceStation Colt 2; True Love Trilogy, Book 2


Action / Non-Science Fiction / Ultra Violence

Subject Matter

interplanetary war, mobile spacestations, modern science fiction

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