SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009) [Novel]


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SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum is the first novel of the True Love Trilogy - a genre-crossing story line that could pass as much for action and romance as it does its noticeably pointed focus in modern science fiction. Getting things started within the SpaceStation Colt series, this first book introduces the characters, the Epic Universe, and some initial interstellar conflict to gently acclimate a reader to the new experience. Major Marileva Dike stars in this story which finds the Space Force having its grip on the universe. For the most part, it had been a benevolent rule, but some would claim malevolent intentions exist. Yes, that was this universe. However, other factions rule their own universes with equally dominant hands. War between competing factions is normally inevitable, but some previously no-name/unseen factions were using the war as a means of achieving additional gains not fully understood. The Major responds in kind by increasing her own physical and political power all the while solidifying her base of influence with a legendary three-dimensional strategy that makes for an intriguing eBook with universal implications.

From Edmund Alexander Sims

SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum is a story which starts off right after the actual story begins - if that makes sense. I took a myriad of different characters and introduced them in stride of a number of wild situations with the promise of each being fleshed out (in the sequel) should they manage to survive this initial ordeal. It's like a roller coaster, and as with the one called life, sometimes opportunities don't actually exist to just stop, get out, and analyze things when in the middle of the ride.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Shell Shock on the Return
01: The Invasion
02: Rebuttal
03: The Initials
04: Illegal Contracts
05: Club Soda
06: Conflicts of Interest
07: Homage to the Soul
08: Second Wind to Life
09: The Draft
10: Orientation
11: The Big Setup(s)
12: The Trial
13: Nemesis V.O.
14: Downtime
15: Countdown to Destruction
16: So Defensive/Keep the Offensive
17: Mothership Gauntlet
18: True Love
Epilogue: The Mediocrity of I


A lesson in human nature the universe won't soon forget


"Always," she agreed.

An aggressor came charging down the stairs to meet them but was greeted with a punch to the groin by Edmund who then used a double leg takedown to plant the person's back on the stairs with the enemy's own redirected momentum. Marileva kicked the aggressor's limp body down the rest of the stairs and fired some shots down the stairwell for good measure. Whoever was down there would surely hesitate a few needy seconds - precious time bought to reload weapons, liberate their child, and escape the house.

They sprinted down the short hallway and broke hard right into the Major's bedroom as stray test shots flew blindly up from the bottom of the stairs. She had the fortune of being in back, so it now became her responsibility to deal with a couple more aggressors running trailer.

The first took the butt of her Walther PPK to a hooded face and fell backward, completely stunned, into the partner. Then Marileva snapped off a picture perfect spinning middle kick against the first aggressor knocking both back from the room and followed it up by emptying her weapon's fresh magazine between them. Once again, she reloaded.

Series and Volume

SpaceStation Colt; True Love Trilogy, Book 1


Action / Non-Science Fiction / Ultra Violence

Subject Matter

interplanetary war, mobile spacestations, modern science fiction

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