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Episodic Black Ops Action

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Following the war that shook Earth down to its very core, a contingency plan was created to first ensure the planet remained under the watchful gaze of the Space Force during the brief absence of the faction's official presence and then make sure the inhabitants of Second Earth would always be protected regardless so nothing like what happened on Earth would ever happen again. Thus the Enforcers were sanctioned, or so it was pitched.

Consisting of various different mercenaries, specialists, and even Space Force personnel, this elite group gives the Space Force additional depth into every fiber of the universal society for the purposes of upholding order within it and protecting its citizens throughout it. One would never know, with how well the Enforcers respond to far-reaching conflict, their splinter group is as decentralized a set of units and individual contributors as they are - spread multiple systems apart. Those who might possess an outside inkling of an idea are quickly being eliminated.

Subject Matter: modern science fiction, paramilitary teams, spacestation colt spin-off

eBooks in this Series

The Enforcers 2

The Enforcers: Freedom to Wield Will (2014) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0007-de; The Enforcers #2

Faces and names are finally put to the Space Force's fabled black ops unit, but fractures exist within the team.

The Enforcers

Criticality - The Complete First Season (2011) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0003-de; The Enforcers #1

A decentralized series of random events affecting four different people have one confidential Space Force link in common.

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