Constructs of a Maniacal Mind (2012) [Novelette]


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The process of creation varies from writer to editor to musician to producer and everywhere in between. A lot goes on during and into any given project, and a great many creative people spend some of the best parts of their lives honing a myriad of different skills and techniques to help them advance their particular genre of note. Here Edmund Alexander Sims (the author of the SpaceStation Colt series) provides behind the scenes tidbits on his creative process via 140-character, stream of consciousness rants. If it can help with inspiring somebody to follow through on their art piece or it just gives a person a clever diversion because they happened to have reread the previous sentence (and its magnitude) as part of a double take, then these Constructs did the trick allotted to them.

From Edmund Alexander Sims

Constructs of a Maniacal Mind is a personal affirmation and a note to myself from my writing self. The result of hoarding close to everything I write, this collection of thoughts provides a subtle reminder that the only objective difference is the push. Sometimes looking back at the past gives a writer something to look forward to. And yet, spoken word of the future must cease in order for the written word to take up its rightful place at present.

Table of Contents

01: January
02: February
03: March
04: April
05: May
06: June
07: July
08: August
09: September
10: October
11: November
12: December


A novelette about the creative process written via 140-character, stream of consciousness rants


It wasn't irresponsible writing, and I go back and forth on whether this was just me in my naïveté, but there was no denying the rawness.

would submit it made the protagonists' responses that much more genuine because they were just about as freaked out as the reader!

Except the characters experienced this adversity firsthand. Think about how it is when you go through life without all the answers.

Why should the reader get some sort of additional insight? There was no additional insight to be had (or deservedly given) at that point.

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Constructs, Constructs s.1


Autobiography / Documentary / Nonfiction

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behind the scenes, how-to, philosophy

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