Criticality - The Complete First Season (2011) [Novel]


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Criticality - The Complete First Season is the premiere novel of the Enforcers series and also the first twelve chapters from the Criticality monthly serial in all its fully-edited grittiness. This spin-off fits intricately within, affects, and is affected by the overall continuity established in the SpaceStation Colt eBooks but stands on its own as a concise and credible story featuring swift pacing that happens to be very episodic in nature. The new series chronicles the more civilian elements of the Epic Universe including the everyday interaction between everyday people and the powerful Space Force; seedy factions attempting to carve out whatever power structure they can which flies under the Space Force's radar; and all the gripping drama, wondrous danger, and exciting situations that dripped off the Space Force's coattails spilling onto regular society's front doorstep.

From Edmund Alexander Sims

Criticality - The Complete First Season is another idea of mine that was a long time in coming from the creative archives. If the SpaceStation Colt series reads like a movie, then this Enforcers series reads like a television show. The first story of their series is not even named after them because of the covert manner by which they make their debut throughout it. With their will being the driving force behind the prose, not every character wants their backstory to be divulged to the reader, and certain characters clearly know more than they are willing to let on.

Table of Contents

01: Hostage Situation
02: Feat of Fury
03: Profiles in Cowardice
04: Lawlessness, the Unwritten Rules
05: The Iniquity of the Children
06: Angles and Arcs
07: Jason Saint-Medieval, P.C.
08: Blood on a Cartilage Canvas
09: Pleasurable Dreams and Sordid Realities
10: A Pound of Blow, A Pump of Shotgun
11: Sanjuana's Grievance
12: Enforcers Assemble


With an all-powerful Space Force, accountability must fall to the civilians


After an eventful night, Billy was taking a much needed cold shower in order to calm his sensibilities. He had not expected the end result of this date, and that was probably why it happened. As such, he was not in the mood for the silenced bullets whizzing through the shower curtain - perforating the warm tile wall with an uneasy sound like that of dishes breaking.

Having sensed the attack, Billy was already nimbly perched on the back rim of the shower's tub where one foot took hold in the soap holder on the back wall and the other traced its way up onto the frosted glass window's ledge allowing him the chance to propel himself up and over the curtain rod as the bullets showered his position in a horizontal direction. He grabbed hold of the rod pulling the shower curtain and draping his attackers within it as they unknowingly continued to pepper the shower with bullets - caught in the moment as well as his disorienting vinyl web.

Billy ripped the curtain rod from its hooks and snapped it over his knee in one fluent motion before twirling the halved rods in his hands, spinning back around, and going to town on his attackers like a drum solo. They were out cold with some unseen yet probably unsightly lumps, so he decided to lay them out in the bottom of the tub with the gentle touch of his roundhouse kick.

Enough of this - Billy had to get to Sylvia and hurried out the bathroom in a full sprint for her bedroom. There she sat up with a bedsheet (that had multiple char wounds) covering her forward-facing features. In ascertaining the threat level of the situation, he noticed three bodies were laid out from the doorway all the way to the bed.

Series and Volume

The Enforcers; Criticality s.1; True Hate Trilogy, Book 1


Action / Science Fiction / Ultra Violence

Subject Matter

modern science fiction, paramilitary teams, spacestation colt spin-off

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