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SpaceStation Colt is a genre-crossing novel series that could pass as much for action and romance as it does its noticeably pointed focus in modern science fiction. This core story line started everything, forms the foundation for the mechanics of the Dope Universe, and has many stories from the Dope Library spun off around it.

Lieutenant Marileva Dike stars in this story which finds the Space Force having its grip on the universe. For the most part, it had been a benevolent rule, but some would claim malevolent intentions exist. Yes, that was this universe. However, other factions rule their own universes with equally dominant hands. War between competing factions is normally inevitable, but some previously no-name/unseen factions were using the war as a means of achieving additional gains not fully understood. The Lieutenant responds in kind by increasing her own physical and political power all the while solidifying her base of influence with a legendary three-dimensional strategy that makes for a set of intriguing eBooks with universal implications.

Subject Matter: interplanetary war, mobile spacestations, modern science fiction

eBooks in this Series

SpaceStation Colt 2

From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos (2010) [Ultra Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0002-de; SpaceStation Colt #2

Battered and decimated, the crew of SpaceStation Colt responds to the demands of a stealth war with expanded personal horizons.

SpaceStation Colt

SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009) [Novel]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0001-de; SpaceStation Colt #1

Earth's remaining Space Force contingent fends off the opening salvo to a much larger and more complex struggle.

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