The Enforcers: Freedom to Wield Will (2014) [Novel]


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I've grown so much since the last time. Hi all - this is Sheol. Some of you may know me as a major character from this novel. Others of you may know of me as a result of vicious lies which have been spread around about me allegedly extorting the publisher of this book. In fact, I'll be talking with the creative director of Dope Enterprises about that press release and those status updates with the #help hashtag in short order. Anyway I've taken it upon myself to rename this entire series and have since retroactively included that first Criticality novel and this second novel as a part of my new True Hate Trilogy. I know - I know: This is supposed to be Acro's series, but your protagonist chooses to hide like a scared child instead of facing me like an adult. And that's fine. People will die. That's fine. Eventually your 'hero' will grow tired of using the rest of you as shields - that or, he'll run out of them. I certainly won't tire of taking you or anybody else in my way out until I get to him. Unless there's controversy, stupidity, or tragedy, people don't seem to want to get behind it, and I don't have a budget, so yes I guess it's going to be all of the above. Dope Enterprises Disclaimer: Dope Enterprises does not condone or endorse the hurtful tone and violent rhetoric from this description. The views expressed here are those of Sheol alone.

From Edmund Alexander Sims

Sheol has lost his everloving mind, but he does represent the attitude of this project beautifully. The Enforcers: Freedom to Wield Will takes me back to the days when characters from other series waltzed in and out of books they did not originate from making major cameos with impunity, plots were neither confined to nor resolved within the covers of a single book, writers were readily accessible to shed light on complex angles, and insane story arcs spanned entire imprints in order to reward a publisher's most loyal readers. We had fun with this one.

Table of Contents

13: A Mother's Love
14: Judge, Jury, and Enforcer
15: Unconditionally Tough
16: The Piper Takes Credit
17: Journalism
18: Alliances of the Unholy
19: dOOgie Wars
20: Death and Imposition
21: Parsec, The Stalker
22: The Roundtable and the Requirement, Part One
23: The Roundtable and the Requirement, Part Two
24: Chipshot Versus Cheapshot


A plot that unfolds does not necessarily mean that it has finished hatching


Found in a similar situation that forced Glove to have to don the claw in the first place and caused him to answer the offer Vector Oblivion had extended to him after the Doran Military relinquished his services, the painfulness of near death was not nearly as bad the second time around. It was not necessarily a good day to die because such a day did not exist, but for as bleak as the present was for the leader of the Shokan, the future looked brighter. The future was looking up, and he could hold his head high even as the excruciating sting of a forgotten phantom limb returned and threatened to drive him down to his knees in submission. None of that mattered because Billy was finally home, and for as proud of his son as he already was by the fatherly default, he expected to be even more pleased as the reins of Shokan leadership would be passed to its rightful heir.

This was a joyous occasion and one warranting the celebratory passage of a last battle, but Glove was fighting on toothpicks. The pressure Vector Oblivion had applied to rip apart his arm might have been gruesome in one respect but lighter than expected in another. His frame was so frail he probably could have fallen to the ground and netted a similar result. But thoughts like those were defeatist. Things were stacked against him - yes, however a thought crossed his mind about trying to possibly pull a victory out of this somehow. With a cocked left fist, the leader of the Shokan hauled off and put everything he had into a punch aimed for the deity's face in the moment the Ethereal was still recoiled back from the motion of ripping apart his arm and tossing the partial limb aside.

Vector Oblivion had managed to sap Glove's vitality over a period of weeks, in advance of this day, and for this very reason. He was feisty, and in his prime - quite lethal. It did not want to make this any more complicated than the matter needed to be. A deal was a deal, and when the leader of the Shokan was informed of the caveats after his quest to find Billy had fallen brutally short and he wound up accepting the conditions of the life extension, his mind, body, and soul belonged to the Pillorian Regime and could be retrieved at any time of their choosing once his mission was completed. Perhaps he might have thought, hoped, or truly believed the deity was joking. The eyes may have shone through the hood helmet but a smiling mouth was distinctly absent. This was not a game. This was also not that deep. A transaction had been made, so (per the terms of the agreement) this was nothing more than business.

A purple bubble shield formed over the area on the side of Vector Oblivion's face in potential danger, split seconds before impact, blocking the punch. There was not going to be a Cinderella story comeback. There was not going to be any hope of escape. There was no need for debate. There was no need for questions. This was the end. Since matters were already over and done with, this also signaled new beginnings. It had expected nothing less than strident resistance from Glove, but even the deity, who held no opinions of its own, would have had to admit this was becoming bad form. He was swinging and kicking away with his remaining three whole appendages, but each time, the would-be blows were rejected by the bubble shields forming at various places along the Ethereal's unfazed body. If it possessed emotions, right about now would have been officially the time enough of the unprofessional behavior was to be tolerated. Time had come for the leader of the Shokan to own up to his new set of responsibilities, and things ran a bit differently in the Pillorian Regime, so he would soon learn his place. The quarters lighting up in a purple hue of its vile energy as frantic bolts of electricity pulsated throughout would make sure of that.

Series and Volume

The Enforcers 2; Criticality s.2; True Hate Trilogy, Book 2


Action / Science Fiction / Ultra Violence

Subject Matter

modern science fiction, paramilitary teams, spacestation colt spin-off

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