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Domina has constantly shouldered the ever increasing responsibilities of being a protector, the always welcome obligation of being a friend, and the treacherously important burden of being an entrepreneur.

Buffalo Grove, a thriving city of millions, not only attracts intergalactic attention because of its diverse culture but also every lunatic from Anatoga to Zahn and all dimensions in between. She is the city's champion, and in this city - where once it was often better to be strong and wrong than to be correct and appear weak, the superheroine along with her internalized network of nanites plan to make a difference by changing the societal landscape.

Subject Matter: bdsm, modern science fiction, vigilantes

eBooks in this Series


Domina #2: Blood Can Be Revoked (2015) [Novella]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0008-de; Domina #2

Buffalo Grove's champion is tested on a universal stage but winds up teaching the course.


Domina: Society's Ilk (2012) [Novelette]

by Edmund Alexander Sims

Catalog #: 0005-de; Domina #1

The debut nanite-enhanced exploits of a real-life superheroine - a fetish-lover's dream, explained in blistering hard science fiction detail.

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