SpaceStation Colt


SpaceStation Colt Original Universe


Mecha, Mobile SpaceStation


Aerospace, Land, Sea


Colt Lenorox and Gitson Terrison, Carlton Lenorox and Terry Terrison


Abbot, Arison Terrison, Armstrong, Bailey, Brody, Bryan, Butterfield, Captain Ricardo Cairce, Charlene Eriksen-Smith, Compound, Cussing Group Member, Edmund Sims, Emmons, Group Leader, Intendant Xach, Jago Dike-Sims, Johnny Smith, Jordan Ripstein, Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims, Lieutenant Sereena Sadonjia, Major Andrew Cacossa, Major Beavy Beave, Major Ciba Due Dimry, Mason, Nadala Agënt, Omicron, Panel Worker at Left Com, Panel Worker at Right Com, Panel Worker at Weapons Com, Phillips, Protective Group Member, Rather, Shaw, Snyder, Thumby, Tigron


Space Force spacestation.


· Cockpit Section, Conference Section, Ranking Officials' Living Section, Security Section, Docking Bay Section, Non-Ranking Officials' Living Section, Soldiers' Living Section, Science/Medical Section, Engineering Section, Giant Thruster Section


· 650m long, 50m high compartments, 386m at its widest point


· Normal Cruising Speed: 9 astronomical units per hour, ~ 837 million miles per hour, ~ 1.35 billion kilometers per hour

· Theoretical Top Speed: 11 astronomical units per hour, ~ 1.023 billion miles per hour, ~ 1.65 billion kilometers per hour

Special Abilities

Biometric Tether, Collapsible Spaces, Dike-Sims Cabin, EVA Shafts, Final Checks, Horizontal Mode, Hot Evac, Interstellar Combat Physics, Jackknife, Left Com, Mezzo Squadron, Momentum Devices, Mulgulous Weapon, Red Light Mode, Right Com, Scherzo Squadron, Shaft System, Shield/Shield Dome Tandem, Skyscraper Mode, Slingshot, Space Tow, SpaceStation Colt Captain, SpaceStation Colt Commander, Stabilizers, Swivel Guns, Third Control, Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Vex Squadron, Vigil Force(s), Weapons Com


SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009)

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