Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims


SpaceStation Colt Epic Universe


Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims was not a fan of Chess.

Full Name

Lieutenant Marileva Willa Dike-Sims


Dyoogie Discipline Expert, Leader One, Lieutenant, Queen




Edmund Sims (husband); Jago Dike-Sims (son); Ms. Dike (mother); Mister Dike (father, deceased); Callisto (predecessor)


Dike-Sims Cabin, Djibouti Clan, Doran Military, Ethereal, Marileva Dream Home, Sims House, Space Force, Space Force Base, SpaceStation Colt, Vigil Force(s)

Skill Set

Ascension, CoDel, Controlled Overload, Conversion, Doran Aristocracy Leader, Doran Military Leader, Dyoogie Discipline, Dyoogie Slide, Energy Signature, Final Checks, Generalization, Innocence Postponed, Leveraged Loyalty, Ninja Speed, Okeydoke, Puma Fury, Repurposed Onslaught, SpaceStation Colt Captain, Struggle, Suicide Run, Super Dyoogie Slide, Super Puma Fury, Super Tempest Kick, Tearless Weeping, Tempest Kick, Terran System Commander, Three-Dimensional Strategy, True Love, Umbilical Link, Umbilical Marriage, Undue Enrichment, Vigil Force(s) Leader


3-Chip, Battle Uniform I, Battle Uniform II, Class III Fighter, Crimson Red Belt, Ear-To-Mouth Com, Ferrari F430, Gauntlet, Genetic Rank, Minicomputer, Mulgulous Weapon, Normal Uniform, Space Force Rank, Standard Issue Hand Laser, Standard Issue Pulse Laser Rifle, Triple Action LUNC, Walther PPK


SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009)

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