Space Force


SpaceStation Colt Original Universe


Faction, Megapower


Anatoga, Botswarra, Buffalo Grove, Bulwark Zonas, Candlestick Park Base, Cipher Coliseum, Clinton Township, Earth, Exilis System, Explorigvasun, Honikun, Quadron System, Second Earth, Siptar 9, Solstice Satellite, Space Force Base, Terran System, Underwater Base Two


Leader One: Sebastian Cipher, Slorg Queen


Arison Terrison, Bill Mell, C.C. Floristein, Cadet Lemuel Bear, Captain Ernest Morris, Captain Linda Kincaid, Captain Love Borcuk, Captain Ricardo Cairce, Chico O'Reilly, Colonel Wu Mosley, Colt Lenorox, Cussing Group Member, Dash, Francis, G-Pile, Gitson Terrison, Group Leader, Jayno Ricky, Jordan Ripstein, Leader One: Jerry Stuyvescent, Lieutenant Dave Riggins, Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims, Lieutenant Sereena Sadonjia, Lug Nut, Major Andrew Cacossa, Major Beavy Beave, Major Ciba Due Dimry, Major Houser Reynolds, Major Seth Robison, Murk Wreosir, Nadala Agënt, Omar, Omicron, Panel Worker at Left Com, Panel Worker at Right Com, Panel Worker at Weapons Com, Private Jeremy Sellers, Private Leah Dudowicz, Protective Group Member, Riddell Kristof, Scott Colossus, Sharif Rady, Uraine Roswell


Private military contractor who became so established, so large, so powerful - so as to usurp the very government itself and become the establishment.

Special Abilities

Aperture Location, Battle Bridge, Battle Uniform I, Battle Uniform II, Botswarra Outpost Commander, Chronological Lighting, Class I Fighter, Class II Fighter, Class III Fighter, Collapsible Spaces, Containment Array, Controlled Overload, Cycle H-Ship, Doormat Key, Enforcers, Ethno-Decentrism, Extended Containment Array, High Capacity Laser Fluid Cartridge, Delivery Injector Nodule, Jurisdictional Override, Laser Fluid Cartridge, Laser Fluid Core Chamber, Modified Issue Pulse Laser Rifle, Nano-Chamo Skin, Normal Uniform, Personal Guard, Phantom Squadron, Rearward Missiles, Reignition Sequence, Reinforced Feeder Septum, Solar Cell Diode Shield, Space Force Base Commander, Space Force Doctrine, Space Force Leader, SpaceStation Colt, SpaceStation Colt Captain, SpaceStation Colt Commander, SpaceStation Konxerus, SpaceStation Konxerus Captain, SpaceStation Soliloquy, SpaceStation Soliloquy Captain, SpaceStation Thelion, SpaceStation Thelion Captain, SpaceStation Vagabond, SpaceStation Vagabond Captain, Standard Issue Hand Laser, Standard Issue Pulse Laser Rifle, Standard Issue Wristwatch, Swivel Guns, Terran System Commander, Tube Transport System, Vex Squadron, Voluntary Declaration, Weather Pattern Randomizers


SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009)

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