Terry Terrison


SpaceStation Colt Zero Universe


This was a much less subtle example, but it went a long way to support the argument that Terry was more on par with the level at which the Lieutenant played than anybody else aboard because with people like them, there were no such things as coincidences.

Full Name

Terry Terrison


Consultant, Deceased, Engineer, Sci/Med




Karyn Jacob (lady friend), Gitson Terrison (father)


Candlestick Park Base, Crystalline System, Dike-Sims Cabin, Earth, Ethereal, Exilis System, Explorigvasun, Quadron System, Siptar 9, SpaceStation Colt, SpaceStation Konxerus, SpaceStation Soliloquy, SpaceStation Thelion, SpaceStation Vagabond, Terran System, Underwater Base Two, Vigil Force(s)

Skill Set

Apparition, Ascension, Energy Attack, Energy Signature, Engineering Team Lead, Final Checks, Forever Healer, Okeydoke, Safe Haven Bubble, Science/Medical Team Lead, Slingshot, Space Tow, Terrison's Rift, Undue Enrichment, Vigil Force(s) General


3-Chip, Biometric Tether, Class III Fighter, Converter-X Adapter, Converter-Y Adapter, Ear-To-Mouth Com, Fist Lasers, Foot Thrusters, He-- Sword, Left Com, Right Com, Mulgulous Weapon, Rearward Missiles, Shield Dome, Special Alloy, Swivel Guns, Third Control, Weapons Com


SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009)

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