Destitute Destiny (2005) [EP]

Gutted Babies and Pretty Rainbows' 3rd Album

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32+ Minutes



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the release of Gutted Babies and Pretty Rainbows' 3rd studio album Destitute Destiny. This is said to be the final effort from Gutted Babies and Pretty Rainbows having not only met contractual obligation but creative closure as well. If it's to be the last, then the best was certainly saved. The album goes from edgy to methodical and back again multiple times over the span of the running time. With some of the lingering questions finally answered, conclusions can be drawn from those answers. As to what those conclusions are, the universe may never know. However Track 08 is just uncalled for.... :)

Track Listing

01 - Wretched Savior
02 - Degrees of Morality
03 - Destitute Destiny
04 - Hellsgate
05 - Meaningless
06 - Svoudiyv
07 - Reframed Visions
08 - Confession Playground
09 - Degrees of Morality II


Gutted Babies & Pretty Rainbows III



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