Dream Catcher (2005) [Full LP]

Gutted Babies and Pretty Rainbows' 2nd Album

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61+ Minutes

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Def Mute Records is proud to announce the release of Gutted Babies and Pretty Rainbows' 2nd studio album Dream Catcher. The freshman effort left fans clamoring for more, so the sophomore effort brings about a full-length album for fans to experience. The tracks are longer, the beatz are harder, and the music is darker. It's everything fans could hope for and even more. More emotion, more complex production, and more atmosphere creates yet another startling addition to the bloodlet edge that is Def Mute Records' darkest artist. Be careful what you wish for....

Track Listing

01 - Dead Children of God
02 - Chosen One
03 - User
04 - Mantra
05 - Pretty Suicidal Butterflies
06 - Dream Catcher
07 - Tragic Fraud
08 - Bleeding the Self
09 - End of Hope
10 - Dying March
11 - Visitor of Misery
12 - Memories
13 - Hoes are Buried in the Garden
14 - Friend Song
15 - Suicide


Gutted Babies and Pretty Rainbows II



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