ISD (Self-Titled) (2007) [EP]

ISD's 4th Album

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11+ Minutes



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the release of ISD's 4th studio album, ISD (Self-Titled). The lost effort has finally been found and released! ISD is back with his most personable recording yet. Each track seems to represent a different period in ISD's life as the music continues to be an ever-emerging kaleidoscope of introspection. The songs are crisp, and there is no lack of the patented ISD influence which drives this EP to become yet another dark classic. This creative phase may be under a new name, but it is still the same great caliber of style the growing discography demands.

Track Listing

01 - SF
02 - Urine Bath
03 - Where's the Light?
04 - F


Gutted Babies & Pretty Rainbows IV



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