Recondite Soul (2006) [Full LP]

E Luv's 4th Album

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79+ Minutes

17,000+ Lyrics



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of E Luv's all new 4th studio album Recondite Soul. Press release etiquette aside, this album is THE SHI-! The Vicious Lyricist returns with his most personable recording to date, and you could tell from the cover featuring his dark silhouette that this was going to be something eerily introspective. Featuring those impossibly treacherous beatz of the Buffalo Grove Style, E Luv set out to craft an auditory experience that would have a listener looking all around in shock come the eightieth minute - completely astonished. If you don't normally like rap music (or don't like rap music currently), the original content of E Luv's harsh lyrical assertions will leave you pleasantly surprised. If you still luv rap music, this is definitely another underground classic to add to the collection.

Track Listing

01 - Writer's Block Introduction
02 - Victim Mentality
03 - War of the Arts
04 - Killaz Hang
05 - A Hard As- Luv Song
06 - One Pants Leg Cuffed
07 - Buffalo Grove Life Everyday
08 - Yellow Card, Red Card, Race Card
09 - Outposts of Tyranny, Part Two
10 - Cannibal Breakfast
11 - Recondite Soul
13 - Telemarketer, the Tragedy
14 - Every Car's a Story
15 - SGS IV
16 - Farewell, Little Brother
17 - Outposts of Tyranny, Part One
18 - If I Fell, You Cannot Reach mE (Bootleg Screw Version)


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