aXice of evILL (2004) [Full LP]

E Luv's 3rd Album

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77+ Minutes

14,000+ Lyrics



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of E Luv's all new 3rd studio album aXice of evILL. Long-awaited, this is his first solo release in almost ten years. The Egregious I returns with an unyielding viciousness that solidifies his Rap style as legit. There are lyrics for days. He takes on all-comers: critics, enemies, the government, and even the music industry in an effort to say that, like it or not, the bar for Rap Music will be set in the suburbs of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. And in doing so, the gauntlet has been thrown down - a challenge in essence is levied against the universe to prove him wrong. If you are tired of the cliché, un-thought-out Rap album with less than three good songs total (we know we were), this is the underground street-banger for you. Ultimately by the end of the album, E Luv has nothing left to prove.

Track Listing

01 - No Luv for the Other Side
02 - Verticon Assante
03 - Label Beef
04 - aXice of evILL
05 - We Goin' to Da Club Tonight?
06 - Take the 2nd One, It's Lucky
07 - E Luv Ain't Shi-
08 - Redemption
09 - RAwKilla
10 - Unsanitary
11 - Shi- Ain't Work, Part One
12 - Attitudes
13 - Gangsta Grab
14 - SGS III
15 - A Pathetic State of Union
16 - Weapons of Mass Destruction
17 - Lost in the Translation
18 - Shi- Ain't Work, Part Two





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