Chapter 11: November [Unedited]


Obsessed - I haven't known anything other than a seven day work week for some time. Holidays - what are those? I push while I'm motivated.


It isn't about being introverted, selfish, or standoffish. It's about being focused. I never wanted this to be viewed as a competition.


imagines that it can be hard to understand the last part, but it's like comparing the need to breathe with the need for a heart to beat.


Each works better in tandem. This consensus is, itself, the compromise. Creativity can be turned off, but I'm doubting that it should be.


is deeply respectful of his past creations but realizes that his creative evolution must also encompass a push in the present to innovate.


This ability to create was not limited to my past, although a deep collection of ideas existed there. Branching out will net me even more.


And not just in creating new series either - existing ones will see interesting, new story lines. For me, starting from scratch was easier.


Continuing was always trickier because I needed to figure out a way to increase my oldest series' longevity without tarnishing its legacy.


The part about that which isn't terrifying actually excites me about its prospects. I often forget how long I've lived off of old angles.


If my head isn't in it, it doesn't matter where my heart is. There's no creating great product without first creating the right atmosphere.


My bedroom floor and bed; the dining room table, den, bathrooms, random chairs, family room; an entirely different state - it's all good.


Do I write in silence or with a soundtrack of rap, metal, or classical to sync my brain waves? It all depends on the scene and my mood.


From darkness behind closed blinds, brightness with the drapes wide-open, under a gentle rain, or defiantly in the face of snow - I write.


Or type, rather. Or take a break and talk about writing. Or stand up and walk around while thinking about writing. Ha, 'write' or wrong..


To think, this all started with a 30+ page book called "My Football Career" from twenty-five years ago. I see its remnants in my writing.


Those are the only items which I can see because I don't know what happened to the rest! Maybe a teacher kept it, or it's in my closet.


Misplacing that and losing all but one page of "The Original SpaceStation Colt Play" caused me to hoard nearly everything else I've written.


Some collaborations are just missing, but for the most part, the majority of my classic, solo library has been preserved. It's precious.


As for "My Football Career", I'll probably have to rework it to honor the piece in the way that I did "The Original SpaceStation Colt Play".


writes because he can't draw, however his backstory goes much deeper than that. He made a living off of prose, but poetry propelled him.


My earliest rap albums had lyrics which were written with a rhyming free verse, but I soon took a genuine liking to the 24 bar structure.


Regardless of the structure, my stream of consciousness writing style evolved from and is credited to my stream of consciousness rap style.


grew up on old Chicago House, learned arrangement from playing Viola, loved late eighties Rap, and kept an open ear for other music styles.


This exposure to a variety of music reminds me of when I was reading a little bit of everything in order to discover my writing niche.


Rap gets a bad rap, so let's do math: My albums "aXice of evILL" and "Recondite Soul" had 14,000+ and 17,000+ words of lyrics respectively.


The lyrics from just one of those albums is longer than this book! That's astonishing, but it speaks to the validity of rap as an art form.


The poetry of lyricism spans many if not all musical genres. My theory is that the genre is merely a delivery method - meanings translate.


Many masters of words are poets at heart when it comes to their lyrics. Sure, some songs are for fun, but others take years to figure out.


It's the cadence of the structure which I love. Poetry (and ultimately music) helped me to better plan out my prose - logical and concise.


Before most people even knew that I wrote novels, they'd heard my music. I'm not done with making albums by any stretch of the imagination.

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