Chapter 12: December (Season One Finale) [Unedited]


Because of my growth, I find that the events do not necessarily come full circle except to push out a new starting line: The Beginning


Immortality can be found within the lines as I use my words to help in solving some of these equations of existence. To me, it's still fun.


If it will end at all - which I doubt it ever will. Creativity relates to Enlightenment, and that is said to be the cousin of ascension.


My journey began with a yearning to create the works which I would like to read or listen to, but there's no telling where it will end up.


So huge that I spent a year explaining the process which I went through to find mine - in hopes that another would not give up on theirs.


And that's my point: Find your voice in creativity or purpose and calling in general. From a creative standpoint, this is absolutely huge.


It's a voice that I won't lose because of a cold, doesn't need to shout in order to be loud, and will only grow stronger with continued use.


When I found my voice, it went unaffected by the parameters surrounding its use. If anything, spacing words out allowed me to use it more.


Serials give me a method of pacing myself. For as loose as the process appears, the thoughts are organized, and the flow is sustained.


is becoming more accustomed to the serialized story. With Criticality done monthly and Constructs done daily, they are anything but taxing.


A lite chuckle leaves my lips when I think of the status updates which didn't make it into this, but I'm glad that positivity ruled the day.


If somebody could draw any bit of strength from my words to help with their own projects, this book did the trick which was allotted to it.


A lot of good continues to come out of my creative journey despite the foolishness which tried to prevent it, so that's the real story here.


might have been in the dumps - reliving the pain, but he didn't need to bring others down with him, and he didn't need to stay there either.


hinted throughout that a significant amount of pain was associated with his creative journey, but he kept these status updates uplifting.


The bulk of this was done as a discussion about SpaceStation Colt. I knew my life's work the best, so it was perfect to dissect and study.


Another part of this project was to outwardly communicate some of the creative tricks of my trade which I had picked up, made up, or honed.


Its intrinsic value is often overlooked, but I never take it for granted - whenever I happen to have somebody's ear or somebody needs mine.


Many did. All of the ensuing conversations which came from this project were greatly appreciated. The value of a lent ear is priceless.


It was quite therapeutic in that I wasn't just talking to the wall but talking things out with the universe, and everybody could chime in.


A year's worth of status updates forced me to get into the mindset of being able to describe my own work - modest to a fault or a downfall.


The format added an awesome, challenging angle which made a lot of sense because status updates were meant to convey personal information.


Everybody seems to have their autobiography out, so I wanted to do mine in a special way by using these stream of consciousness ramblings.


This novelette is but one of those many experiences - an unedited book which I wrote across 365 days as daily 140 character status updates.


always tries to flip it on readers (of which he happens to be one) in order to create literary experiences that are worthy of their time.


An album only takes an hour and a half (in passing) out of a listener's time, but novels are longer, more emotional investments for readers.


For as involved and complex as writing is, I never go into it with a wrong mindset or put so much time into creating something in anger.


My best work is done when I'm at peace, yet my best work is often dark. A calming process, writing bleeds my inner darkness onto the pages.


was normally at peace when writing as compared to venting when making music, but this won't always hold up - as far as lyrics are concerned.


Writing will always be my first love, so my use of its ability to write about True Love was kindred. Music gave me the chance to lash out.


The emotional states of creative mediums are varied. Music had typically been an expression of my anger while writing expressed my love.

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