Chapter 09: September [Unedited]


SSC3 takes precedent, and Enforcers2 is right there with it. DJ VoiceCrack already has the SSC3 soundtrack completed - it's that important.


That's not just because SpaceStation Colt is my franchise offering. I am also a fan and want to know how the True Love Trilogy turns out!


At times, I've found myself all over the place in working projects, but if I remember that SSC3 gets priority, things tend to fall in place.


With the workload specced out, prioritization is up next. It's tough - remember, looking ahead is part of what motivates me in the present.


will try his hand at floating titles toward other publishers. If they can use it, great. If not, it's more content for his own company.


There is a delicate balance between workload and output because it's a tug of war with a rope named fatigue who is wrapped around your neck.


It's going to get interesting because six projects is an aggressive quantity, but I'd like to fit all of them into this equation - somehow.


The six normally include a SpaceStation Colt, a Criticality, a Constructs (what you're reading now), some other novel, and two music albums.


Looking at the calendar is humbling. I figure I have room for six projects on the high end. I've considered more, but I like the quantity.


A typical day starts out at 6am and generally ends anywhere from 10pm to 2am of the next morning. I am no stranger to working absurd hours.


But it all starts with product, and in order to pump out quality product with any bit of consistency, I need to get into a mode of routine.


Still, I would submit that the 'e' in eBook does in fact stand for easy - easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet, and easy on the confusion.


Their hesitation is both fair and valid, so this is something which I'll need to contend with, but industry eBook sales have been promising.


For that fact, alone, I can see the benefit of eBooks, but there are others who see the simplicity of physical books as just being easier.


stopped reading long-running series because he couldn't house all of the books, and it ruined his chance at getting the entire collection.


Now some are going to roll their eyes at eBooks for a perceived lack of quality. I did too, with MP3's, until I ran out of shelf space.


looks forward to the maturation of the publishing industry plus sees the power in the scope of eBooks - professionally and functionally.


Keeping a higher percentage of zero is still zero, so when I'm not planning, writing, or editing stories, I'm hustling to get my name out.


My overhead is much lower because the cost of being saddled with inventory is non-existent, but those savings must be thrown into marketing.


With the advent of eBooks, access to distribution has never been more affordable, feasible, or expansive. My work is available worldwide.


The only reason of why this is even possible centers around technological changes to the publishing industry which leverage JIT principles.


Being famous but unrecouped does not compute. With independence and a little discipline, I can wait out free agency for the right suitor.


One end of the spectrum has the danger of losing touch with pieces of the project. The other has the associative cost. Both are sobering.


Time is huge, so when people claim they can free some of mine up, I tend to listen and imagine what I could do, creatively, with more of it.


is very hands-on but would outsource those necessities to proven, competent individuals because most things are negotiable - including time.


That includes advertising, marketing, logistics, legalities, maintaining the websites, and editing. Strangely, I'm starting to enjoy it.


Tedious but important - each part which I'd rather not do would be a percentage that another publisher would take for their inconvenience.


first looks into planning out the forthcoming workload while taking into account the rigors of anti-creative back end business processes.


Each project holds a special meaning to my journey as a creator, but this doesn't mean I can't outdo myself. That snaps me out of my funk.


Putting my heart and soul into projects for months or sometimes years always created a residual, psychological letdown when it was all over.

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