Chapter 08: August [Unedited]


It's hard to pull out of the creative mindset either during or at the conclusion of a project. That end feeling is of relief but also fear.


Whenever I begin a new project, there's always this moment of uncertainty. Actually, that feeling comes eerily as I conclude the last.


So with SSC2 officially and Criticality almost officially in the eBooks, it's time that I turned my attention to SSC3 and other projects.


Those who've read SpaceStation Colt and saw that last status update might be astonished, but think back. I have the perfect character.. :)


Much of my written work is R-rated, but I have a comic book which is PG, and I'm contemplating a third SSC spinoff for kids that is rated G.


Shock value went out of the window when I became a role model. Knowing my audience and delivering the appropriate content is not pandering.


From a business perspective, I never want to go out of my way to offend people, but creatively, I've started to cater to different tastes.


won't just create something and not care about if it happens to offend or create something just to offend, but he cannot please everybody.


Political correctness often has a negative connotation, but there is nothing wrong with civility in discourse - except the absence thereof.


In my past, I've said/written all kinds of things. This current creative phase is not so much about toning that down as it is focusing it.


As I've gotten older, my creative styles have also matured. I now know that the mighty pen can cause writers to get chopped up by swords.


What this speaks toward is an almost humbling (if not so introspective) bout of honesty which I've used to help improve my creativity.


Basically, in both art and life, I've found that I can speak faster than I write, write faster than I think, and think faster than I speak.


The process is slow but thorough. It leads me to wonder about a possible correlation between that, speech, the written word, and thought.


Usually, I'm fairly happy with the edits because my words better convey the meaning which was intended. But there's no denying the fatigue.


settled on a hybrid method which included reading the text silently while speaking the dialogue aloud to solidify the flow and find errors.


SSC2 offered ample chances to test out a few methods of editing, so I shook off the pain and went to work with my dictionary and thesaurus.


always had an appreciation for the task of editing since having been saddled with the process, but he needed to better cement a technique.


If ever there's a case against writing long novels, having to edit them and meet their impending deadlines are reasons enough to support it.


It worked. I had SSC2 written with an opportunity to write SSC3, but my momentum was soon blunted when I sat down to edit those 740+ pages.


Neither project suffered because one beget the other with the future dangled as an inaccessible carrot until the present was made right.


Whatever works, right? The boost to my confidence at present came from the promise of the incredible storytelling potential for the future.


Why that is happens to be irrelevant, so it's the resolution which is pertinent here. Those future ideas carried me over the finish line.


Writer's block is normally blamed for gumming up creative works, but I've always had ideas. The confidence to move forward was what got me.


Living for the future isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes that needed, creative boost plays a role in supplementing a faltering confidence.


A momentary lapse at worst - a period of motivation at best, working for the future becomes a subtle inspiration which pushes me at present.


It's where dreaming big meets planning ahead, but sometimes I forget that I need to wake up and execute on the projects which are before me.


Wishful thinking. I have a habit of looking ahead to future projects before the current ones complete - a byproduct of interlinking series.


So characters can go intra- and inter- imprint. I won't overuse this by any means. Picking my spots has always been key to timely writing.


Two properties belong to the SpaceStation Colt Imprint. Two belong to the Dope KPC Imprint. One is free-floating and resides within both.


Currently, I have five core, creative properties to use for crossovers. I often wonder what could be so dire to cause them all to team up.

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