Chapter 05: May [Unedited]


SSC was so much more and left readers wanting to know more about it, so I made an encyclopedia (180+ entries) to help address some of that.


As the universe expanded, the need to catalog SSC grew - if not to lend further credibility, then to internally keep the continuity tight.


With so many entries from less than two novels worth of material, it meant the universe was already comprehensive - soon to be overwhelming.


If not for creating a resource to comfort anxious fans craving an official supplement, the encyclopedia certainly helped me avert fatigue.


The beginning and end points I wanted did not make the resolution of many of the numerous conflicts I introduced possible within the covers.


SSC did exactly what the first book of a trilogy or a series is supposed to do. It introduced the story. For me, that assist was critical.


For the first book of a series, and technically my first official publication ever, it was a starting point in every sense of those words.


Beta reader-approved, but I don't hinge on opinion. The fact that I completed the work puts me ahead of 99% of the rest who never start.


Filter out the rest who never put forth anything original from scratch, and I am among the elite. Creative types should have that attitude.


Reenvisioning works is cool. I'm not knocking that in the slightest. Originality assumes more risk and, for me, greater personal reward.


Too many times, I chose to take the name and characters of something already existing when I should've created something new and amazing.


doesn't like continually redoing works because the original cannot grow, and the imitation should've been strong enough to stand on its own.


Upon closer inspection, SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009) had all six of SpaceStation Colt (1989)'s chapters named in it. Hypocrisy?


Not hardly. Who ever said that the Zero Universe just didn't exist anymore after the Epic Universe began? I, as the writer, never did. :)


One need only look at the treatment I paid to the Original Universe in integrating that with the Zero Universe to understand my next moves.


The other thing to remember is the characters' contributions. I'd never allow the older ones to be replaced and thrown away into the trash.


At the same time, I couldn't disrespect them by coming up with some weak angle of why SSC was never to have been considered a reboot/remake.


SSC was a bit of literary misdirection. Readers could tell something big had set this all up, and something even bigger was being set up.


Hints from various characters might not have been clear at the time but were obvious in that some knew more than the writer was letting on.


The Original Universe was the serve. The Zero Universe, the bump. The Epic Universe was the set and spike via SSC and SSC2 respectively.


SSC was originally written before the 1998 winter break and, as mentioned before, twice extended around 1999 or 2000 for the Director's Cut.


With the story now refocused around Marileva, I was actually amazed that she was only a supporting character back in the Zero Universe.


Marileva's character had grown during that iteration, but in the Epic Universe, she was destined to become a character with greater depth.


Socially relevant, organically skilled, and cerebral - this iteration of Marileva made it clear from the outset that she was now the star.


had since removed the 'strong female character' typecasting from the website wanting to make the gender statement without literary cliché.


Once outward appearances are stripped away, true character remains, and I believe this outweighs special abilities or blatant posturing.


To a savvy antagonist, overdependence on such things is an exploitable weakness, and those hounding Marileva were very much forward-looking.


Multiple adversaries hounded Marileva mercilessly. She defined the abilities needed to resist that onslaught. Abilities didn't define her.


The legitimacy of Marileva stems not just from being the prototypical strong female but a strong lead character who happens to be female.


The enemies were the next big thing that SSC was about, and the key was to not overshadow the heroine, so I had to break another convention.


Normally, we are taught to create conflict that pushes the protagonist, but I, instead, chose to create conflict worthy of the protagonist.

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