Chapter 06: June [Unedited]


didn't want to be lulled into telling stories only from protagonists' narrow perspectives when he had a universe of diatribes to pull from.


...which reminds me: From one author to the next, if you ever have trouble coming up with cool character names, check your spam filter. :)


would like to do first-person in the future, but with this many characters, he needed the decentralized focus of third-person omniscient.


This was the third, main thing that SSC was about, and it was laced with characters - some made up; some from real life; and many, a homage.


So while I'm off writing novels, my original claim to fame - my music is made to suffer, right? Never. Novels were made for soundtracks.


'Epic Novels that Read like Movies' wasn't just a tagline. SpaceStation Colt is on some 2.39:1 type stuff with soundtracks to match.


Cinematography in prose, novel soundtracks, and even book trailers are nothing new. It won't work every time, but when it does, it's great.


Books can be the equivalent of 'movies with unlimited budgets', so leveraging aspects of movie marketing and presentation was only natural.


The soundtracks were a nice consolation prize (in a big way) for my hesitance to create audiobooks - mainly a time prioritization decision.


Anyway, I never stopped collaborating with DJ VoiceCrack. I'm just writing a different kind of word to his increasingly treacherous beatz.


So almost eleven years later, SSC was released causing nearly a twelve year gap between that and SSC2. It won't take that long for SSC3.


Many things prevented my moving forward with the SSC series from personal responsibility to contractual obligation to corporate work/life.


Once that all settled down, I needed to get back into a creative mindset, so an attitude of quiet confidence in my style was called for.


Quiet confidence was not about humility, modesty, bragging, or boasting. It was about my hunger as a no-name author to type the next word.


From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos was written at a time when I needed something to root for, and the characters' plight was it.


SSC2 signified an end to growing pains because those labor pains, long associated with delivering my baby, had now become a labor of love.


Writing SSC2 wasn't necessarily worth the pain that preceded it, but the story was worth telling, and hard times inspired me to write it.


The fans also had me on the hook for the wait, but everybody else was sizing me up for talking trash across six months of status updates.


SSC2 demanded thoroughness of effort. It was the sequel to SSC and the closure to the Zero Universe books. The long length was essential.


With experience, I could predict the length of my work (prior to having written any words) which helped me to gear up for what was in store.


Barring editorial constraints, books should be as long as they need to be. SSC2's plot came up short where I first envisioned it ending.


combined the original ideas of SSC2 and SSC3 together into a behemoth SSC2 where the whole wound up being greater than the sum of its parts.


Not every book will be that long, but I was comfortable with the flow and pace. Being honest about this during planning saved time later.


Extending out the endpoints gave me increased storytelling options. In essence, I had the opportunity and an obligation to slow SSC2 down.


SSC took place across all of three days, but SSC2 was going to span months, so this meant that the characters had a chance to put on a show.


handpicked the returning characters from SSC as supporting protagonists because of either their hilarity, mystery, symbolism, or potential.


always desired to delve more deeply into the few surviving characters from SSC and make a good portion of the remaining series about them.


For those who hadn't survived, I never viewed nor treated their deaths as smears - ultimately reserving my right to resurrect them later on.


Killing off characters is hard for me because those lives hold meaning. Their sacrifice in the story was a major contribution to the story.


From living life, I can tell that most deaths are often senseless, but there is absolutely nothing worse than a senselessly written death.

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