Chapter 04: April [Unedited]


Without altering style, I brought the Director's Cut as was originally envisioned from my very own eyes. The Ultra Violence genre was born.


If seen during ECW or as a part of some video game, chances were that SSC would credibly reproduce the move with a believable realism.


All of those hours spent watching Samurai Sunday movies were not lost on me, so great care was taken in the choreography of fight sequences.


isn't a fan of violence for the sake of violence, but Ultra Violence illustrated the seriousness of the situation via gruesome consequences.


Having spent so much time creating an Action, Non-Science Fiction, and Ultra Violence story, SSC still needed a name worthy of the effort.


SpaceStation Colt was already claimed because of the book I wrote in 1989, plus this SSC was different and better - requiring its own title.


Naming SSC involved a priceless (repeatable) college story. My next-door, dorm room neighbor talked me out of the first title I had.


SSC was slated to be SpaceStation Colt: Insurrection, but as the fates of groupthink would have it, Star Trek had a film by the same name.


Ironically, they were both coming out at about the same time as well, so Insurrection wouldn't have worked, and I was hungry for ideas.


Back to the neighbor, he was taking some Latin course and told me about a cool phrase where rulers were erased from existence and record.


Shame on me for not checking out the source, but my neighbor said that he was sure it was called Damnitio Exeum. It was good enough for me.


is glad that we were both wrong back then because SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum possesses its own ring while standing of its own accord.


Damnatio memoriae was the correct phrase, but its meaning did not fit the storyline of SSC. Damnitio Exeum was no less powerful a concept.


In that, the naming of SSC was not considered a mistake, and I had over ten years to change it between college and now if I thought it was.


loves words and might have become a philologist if he had it to do over again. Apparently, somebody was responsible for making this all up.


But there are times when socially-accepted words don't fit, and you must deviate to capture the emotion of what you're trying to get across.


The song Lane Navachi by Lunascape is a prime example of this, and I applauded the concept as it affirmed much of what I believe creatively.


Taking this concept espoused by the title of Damnitio Exeum plus extending it to the characters and storyline makes for dynamic literature.


So I've written extensively on what went into the mechanics of SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum, but what was the actual story about?


The cover says, "A lesson in human nature the universe won't soon forget" implying the protagonists' response to adversity is pretty stark.


But everybody's story does that. In order to separate SSC from all the rest, it was necessary to write this from a heuristic point of view.


looks back on SSC and smiles because the protagonists had no idea of what was going on. So, neither did the readers - along for the ride.


It wasn't irresponsible writing, and I go back and forth on whether this was just me in my naïveté, but there was no denying the rawness.


would submit that it made the protagonists' responses that much more genuine because they were just about as freaked-out as the reader!


Except, the characters experienced this adversity firsthand. Think about how it is when you go through life without all of the answers.


Why should the reader get some sort of additional insight? There was no additional insight to be had (or deservedly given) at that point.


In a trilogy, you can technically only do this once, so I wrote the story like that when it would have the most impact - at the beginning.


did this in a manner that tells the story of a thoroughly fleshed out universe but brings the reader in right after it had started.


It's hard to sum SSC up other than to say 'it's hard to sum SSC up'. Sometimes the elevator (pitch) can't reach the level of the story.


This in no way implied that there was something wrong with the story. There was no forcing it into a category because SSC created its own.

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