Chapter 03: March [Unedited]


This leaves the final keyword(s): True Love Trilogy. I spent years pondering the question of whether love was even possible without lust.


Touchy subject, so before I go on - to each their own. Deciphering this was critical to the story for differentiation & 'so what' purposes.


Love, not cheapened by the animalistic emotion of itself, could only exist if it displaced the sanctioning god as the most powerful force.


Removing the dominion of love from gods, hereinafter referred to as Ethereals, made possible the ascension of lower beings to their level.


And vice versa. Being an Ethereal might not be all it was cracked up to be, but at least the burden of 'Ethereals = love' was lifted.


With no middle-entities between the interface of love and lower beings, that purity of unfiltered, untainted energy became True Love.


Describing True Love is no joke, so although I am a sucker for vanilla romance elements, mixing in D/s sensibilities really set SSC off.


Wait..what?! He put vanilla and D/s in the same sentence with True Love?? The SSC trailer said 'greatest love story ever told', right? :)


would have to imagine this was not the first time that both had been depicted at the same time within the context of a single relationship.


For the proponents of each claiming to have the monopoly on True Love, I'd caution against arrogantly overlooking the merits of the other.


That about does it for the SSC novels' keywords. The genre is up next, and an open debate exists as to why Romance was not also included.


should take a step back. Action, Non-Science Fiction, and Ultra Violence were carefully chosen because of their associative literary depth.


Perhaps I underestimated how strong the True Love angle actually was, but I was looking ahead to SSC4, SSC5, SSCx in coming up with genres.


If the main character, Marileva, decided to take a novel off, I didn't want the entire premise of the series to be shattered in her absence.


By using Romance as an element, I didn't cheapen its impact by treating it as a genre. That's how I wrote it. How it's read is the debate.


While my peers were reading Encyclopedia Brown and Baby-sitter's Club, I was reading Don Pendleton's Executioner series for my book reports.


loved the styling in Action writing which had long become his preferred genre. Everything written since the age of three veered that way.


At its basest, component level of telling an exciting good versus evil story, the Action genre requires shades of gray in order to shine.


These days, black & white perspectives insult intelligence. There needs to be something more than twists, turns, and subsequent responses.


had a hard time reconciling the villain who did what they did because they saw themselves as evil. He knew conflict was not so cut and dry.


Similarly, the antihero didn't fit because those questionable tactics might have been called for - not childishly unleashed as acting out.


Make no mistake that the heroes were just as hungry as the quote/unquote villains. This killer instinct was what blurred any differences.


Action, at its best, includes all parties at the top of their games. To the victor goes the distinction of being right as spoils of battle.


The 'Science Fiction' part of Non-Science Fiction was covered at length earlier, but its nifty 'Non' component could use some explaining.


The 'Non' part of Non-Science Fiction is a nod to the Choose Your Own Adventure second-person perspective with an interesting twist.


SSC is told in third-person, omniscient perspective; and nowhere did it say I couldn't write myself into the story without changing my name.


In pseudo-biographical fashion, I'm forced to write introspectively so that my character is true to himself/myself without the favoritism.


tends to be a private person, so this was a way of putting himself out there - in grand fashion. It should be added SSC is his life's work.


had often said, especially as of late, that all he really owned was a laptop and a fast car. His creativity belonged on the list as well.


It was creativity honed from scratch like a home cooked meal - not so easily wholesaled. Feedback was welcomed, but criticism was ignored.


Creativity provided a chance to be myself, so in that presentation, how could anything be wrong? We're not talking spelling errors here.

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