Chapter 02: February [Unedited]


still remembers Roman and Marlena's wedding. That moment forever turned me into a hopeless romantic, so I needed to include the element.


In fact, the main nurturer of the protagonists, SpaceStation Colt (the ship), will become as important a character as those she protects.


The SSC's physical dimensions are fixed until the decision to retool, but a simple literary trick makes the internal compartments infinite.


The SSC moves! I am pretty impressed with the technology and design. As interaction occurs, the ship becomes larger in a figurative sense.


It's an important distinction, but at the risk of not making the title sound like anime, I chose not to include the 'mobile' part within it.


Not quite as obvious, from the discussion thus far, is the keyword Mobile SpaceStations which differentiates SSC versus stationary types.


Without ruining the story, other keywords included Alien Invasion, Interplanetary War, and Interstellar Conflict - all are fairly obvious.


New and Original Science Fiction went without saying but rounded out SSC's Sci-Fi descriptions: Dark, Feminist, Hard, Modern, New, Original.


felt it necessary to lighten the mood. After all, SSC wasn't slated to be a drama, but there was this new affinity for the word 'gritty'.


likes how SSC manages to be self-aware without overly poking fun at itself - conscious of the irony but not giving in to juvenile slapstick.


The story is evil, so from the characters to the scenarios they find or put each other in, a tinge of dark humor needed to be sprinkled in.


Dark Science Fiction refers to the fact that SSC is an incredibly messed up story that is getting worse as far as the stakes are concerned.


Because of the current climate of cultural differences, highlighting and playing off of contrasts between the sexes makes for a great story.


Instances of grouped character generality allow for it, but that one alien race neither male nor female will be a fun challenge to describe.


So yes, race plays a big part in SSC but at a much larger and less petty scale. I don't have the luxury of ignoring the sex of characters.


That is the true power of books. If some little girl reads SSC and believes Marileva looks like her, who am I to dash that aspiration?


has an idea of what race many of the characters are, but most of the times not - as it is ultimately irrelevant to the storytelling.


When a hostile alien looks down upon Earth, they don't see black or white. Their weapons happen to be colorblind and only see "Human"..


has to save the juicier tidbits of his ideology for the novels, but here we must briefly divert to the discussion on racism versus sexism.


Now SSC is not man-hating feminism or feminism that clings to one issue while turning its back on sexism. It is of the fair-minded variety.


Those who know of my activism and/or my philosophies can vouch for my credibility in being able to write powerful Feminist Science Fiction.


It was either "Hard" or "Hardcore", and I felt that "Hardcore" was too long plus gave off an erotic connotation - not bad but misleading.


My use of Hard Science Fiction as a descriptor will get me into trouble. Hard refers to "cussing" and "violence" not strict interpretation.


believes the story was and will continue to be told intelligently with those elements inside of it. Nothing in SSC is used as a crutch.


It is not, however, a dig against "blaster guns" and "space aliens". Some are ashamed, but we came from those roots as did smart phones..


To me, Modern Science Fiction meant: not post-apocalyptic nor neo-technological. SSC envisions today's world with legitimate space travel.


greatly acknowledges the big two and many others, but SSC needed to stand on its own. First, the setting's backdrop mirrored current times.


Unlike Star Wars, SSC hinted at a much deeper premise such as the one espoused by the masterful narrative on race relations of Star Trek.

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