Chapter 01: January (Series Premiere) [Unedited]


SSC2 was as long as SSC, but the characters of the defunct predecessor series demanded closure then & there - unwilling to wait for SSC3.


Not a fan of prequels/reboots, I needed to devise a way to propel the current SSC iteration forward while honoring the last's continuity.


should rephrase that - prequel/reboot wouldn't have worked, here. The startling contrast between youth & adult writing should be preserved.


It was naïveté versus life experience: "If I had known then what (I think) I know now" -> translated directly to the literature.


From there, the True Love Trilogy was conceived. SSC introduced it. SSC2 turns it dark. SSC3 resolves conflict - or tries to at least.


had a lot of fun writing SSC. Anybody who knew anything about me that read it would smile, but the novel wasn't about me.


If it were, I wouldn't write this. The personal cost is very high. I do this for Marileva, in particular, and the characters, in general.


These characters deserved that their story be told, so I was tasked with raising the bar. To do that, a strong female lead was called for.


Both deadly and cerebral, Marileva possessed a killer instinct capable of saving the universe or destroying and remaking it in her image.


took numerous creative liberties with character design - none more so than the choice of prolonged gratification over instant gratification.


Perception's a corporate cop-out for not taking the time to get to know someone, so does greater pleasure lie in the journey or destination?


Not all that different from you or me, part of the allure of these characters was in their mystery. The other part was in their timing.


Enter pacing. The tag "Epic Novels that Read Like Movies" cites the delicate balance between blowing stuff up and telling a complex story.


doesn't draw, so he created a storyboard of words (called Novel Logic) which allowed him to keep the cinematic images straight in his head.


Outline? Treatment? I'm not sure, but SSC had 180+ bullet points; SSC2 has 594 bullet points; and SSC3's release date is pushed back..


Additional specificity would've been deadly (read: head explodes), so I placed the onus on the characters to flesh out & navigate the Logic.


No matter the preparation, things rarely go exactly as planned. Thankfully, the writing process allows ample chances to adapt midstream.


The extended Chapter 2 and Epilogue of SSC were proof of that. Such simple edits dramatically refocused the entire story on its heroine.


was never, is not, and refuses to become a perfectionist. If I missed something, I'd just get it right the next time around.


Perfectionist = Obstructionist. Completion > Perfection. Perfection in Completion = Attitude.


talks big but still took over ten years to seriously start writing SSC2, so that is why he's the authority on the evils of perfectionism.


omits reasons as to why because they would be listed as excuses. The underlying issue stems from a general lack of confidence to perform.


That's similar to stuttering or something else.. Writer's Block must be converted into a tool writers can use to block out distraction.


It's no easy task weathering a psychological barrage of Aikido meant to either get you to quit or feel guilty for not having done so.


Such is the life, according to Robert Frost. And with chapters opening and closing in real life, I become that much stronger in prose.


Spelling & grammar (even that is debatable) aside, the scholarly takeaway is that authors must do things the way they need them to be done.


None of this is to say that feedback is at all unimportant, but feedback is like advice - some of it sound while the other costs you money..


scrapped many-a-story from fifty pages in, but to be expected to backtrack after completion and change major plot elements is a bit much.


The delicate balance between openness to implementing feedback and standing ground in favor of original intention is a tightrope's dance.


will just come right out and say it: SSC was a wild ride with quick pacing and a ton of minor characters. That was the intent (!).


The Star Wars that I saw on Beta was crafted in exactly the same way, and if anybody wants to debate that fact, I have the toys to prove it.

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