ILLegalities (2002) [Full LP]

The Mac-X Crew's 2nd Album

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68+ Minutes

10,000+ lyrics



Def Mute Records is proud to announce the official release of The Mac-X Crew's all new 2nd studio album ILLegalities. The reformation of this classic group finds itself with a familiar yet formidable quartet of individuals. GMNT, Earl Solow, E Luv, and DJ VoiceCrack had collaborated on a number of projects over the years, so now they finally bring it together in legendary capacity. This album is best described as raw with each member rapping to outdo the other. Featuring newer technology, the production is but a welcome precursor of what is to come from the label. The M-XC leaves an indelible black eye on the music scene with an album that takes Rap back to its Xplicit and ILLicit roots.

Track Listing

01 - Puttin' BG on the Map
02 - Thinkin' to Myself...
03 - Still Fu--in' Wit' The Crew
04 - Eye For an Eye (So I Pack My Steel)
05 - The Day's Fu--ed Up (Don't Wanna Wake Up)
06 - Burn Twice
07 - Hardest, Tightest, Vicious
08 - The Egregious I (Jago's Song)
09 - Homage
10 - Killer Instinct Diamond
11 - Title Shot
12 - III Shots in the Dark
13 - Street Cred
14 - A Moment of Silence
15 - Two Verse Two


The Mac-X Crew II

  • Preceeded By: Return of the Rebel



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