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"Always," she agreed.

An aggressor came charging down the stairs to meet them but was greeted with a punch to the groin by Edmund who then used a double leg takedown to plant the person's back on the stairs with the enemy's own redirected momentum. Marileva kicked the aggressor's limp body down the rest of the stairs and fired some shots down the stairwell for good measure. Whoever was down there would surely hesitate a few needy seconds - precious time bought to reload weapons, liberate their child, and escape the house.

They sprinted down the short hallway and broke hard right into the Major's bedroom as stray test shots flew blindly up from the bottom of the stairs. She had the fortune of being in back, so it now became her responsibility to deal with a couple more aggressors running trailer.

The first took the butt of her Walther PPK to a hooded face and fell backward, completely stunned, into the partner. Then Marileva snapped off a picture perfect spinning middle kick against the first aggressor knocking both back from the room and followed it up by emptying her weapon's fresh magazine between them. Once again, she reloaded.

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