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All this meant three sections: Conference, Non-Ranking Officials' Living, and Engineering were left unaccounted for as the Lieutenant would have heard from any one of her senior staff if the Aggressors ventured into their respective sections. There was no time to ascertain the meaning of Terry's mobility in whereabouts, so she chose to divert, "Xach, I'll handle the Cockpit. I need you to get to Engineering immediately."

"On my way," Xach's voice came back over Marileva's Ear-To-Mouth Com. There was no use in broadcasting the plans to all the ship for the Aggressors to be able to pick up on and hear her impending troop movements, so discreet feeds were to be the best and only lines of communication used during a silent alarm Red Light Mode scenario such as this.

The Lieutenant was very pleased to see Brody headed over to the Docking Bay Section, and she might have taken that as her responsibility if Terry had not left his post and stifled her movement. He had every right to do so, but a heads-up would have been nice in leaving the Engineering Section unattended by any sort of trusted presence.

As for the Conference Section - well, the screams from outside the Cockpit meant Marileva and the rapidly approaching Aggressor might require some room to spread out.

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