Affinity Level


SpaceStation Colt Epic Universe




Existential Level


True Love


Ethereal, Lower Being


Proficiency layer of existence.

Special Abilities

Allegiance General, Allegiance Leader, Botswarra Outpost Commander, Brael Moonbeam Captain, Crystal Palace Commander, Cyrillashg Captain, Death Corps Base Commander, Death Corps Leader, Enforcer I Captain, Enforcers Base Commander, Enforcers General, Enforcers Leader, Engineering Team Lead, Excavator 13344 Captain, Galaxy Bloc Leader, Juggernaut Captain, Juggernaut Commander, NSF Facility Commander, New Alliance General, New Alliance Leader, Non-Collared Thrall, Operational General, Original Mac-X Crew Leader, Phantom Squadron Leader, Pillorian Regime General, Science/Medical Team Lead, Second Earth Special Police Force Base Commander, Security Team Lead, Sharpshooter, Shokan Leader, Space Force Base Commander, Space Force Leader, SpaceStation Colt Captain, SpaceStation Colt Commander, SpaceStation Diamond Captain, SpaceStation Konxerus Captain, SpaceStation Soliloquy Captain, SpaceStation Thelion Captain, SpaceStation Vagabond Captain, Sub-Squadron Commander, Terran System Commander, United States Leader, Vex Squadron Leader, Vigil Force(s) General, Warden, Zodiac Suncrest Captain, Zodiac Suncrest Commander


SpaceStation Colt: Damnitio Exeum (2009)

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