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Historical Reference

As if the eBooks and music themselves were not enough, this section busts the seams open with additional stories and songs to further flesh out the gigantic lore that is Dope Enterprises Infinity. Here, you'll find the classics and other relevant miscellany - in fact, rare snapshots into the previously unreleased material from Dope Enterprises and Def Mute Records. A big push exists to digitize all the archival material and upload them before the possibility of it potentially being lost.

Original Universe

The SpaceStation Colt Original Universe is simply nostalgic. The actual story came out of a play written back in the 1980's which ironically had nothing to even do with SpaceStation Colt. Only one page of this play survived, but it was more than enough to recreate the story. It was a good story, so it was decided that the characters would be given a book of their own in 1991 which was duly known as "The Original SpaceStation Colt". Soon after, those characters were integrated into the stories of the Zero Universe, and wound up becoming an integral part of the plot. This not-so original SpaceStation Colt is now presented here for archive purposes.

Zero Universe

The SpaceStation Colt Zero Universe is a collection of 21 books created from 1989 to 1994 which wrote the series so far into a corner that it needed to technically be rebooted. The stories were written with such a naivete that Dope Enterprises is very, very hesitant to even release them. Things were borrowed from the Choose Your Own Adventure Books, "Beyond Escape!" (R. A. Montgomery) and "Space Vampire" (Edward Packard); the writing was not very good - only coming into its own around Book 20; the stories and characters both were very convoluted; and it had become much more of a soap opera although that was not the intended effect. This significant amount of entries created some semblance of a foundation for SpaceStation Colt as a whole, but the works are clearly mediocre in comparison to the Epic Universe. Every series has to start somewhere, and the Zero Universe was the drawing board.

Dope KPC Classics

In 1991, Dope Enterprises was to be split between two different companies - imprints for the purposes of promoting different works. Dope Enterprises would retain SpaceStation Colt while Dope KPC would handle everything else. These stories were no less interesting but still suffered from the issue, that the SpaceStation Colt Zero Universe occasionally ran into, of borrowing. This time, the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and a programming book by the name of "Basic Fun with Adventure Games" (Susan Lipscomb and Margaret Zuanich) were honored. One real gem emerged from out of this which had everything to do with the stories yet was not a story - but rather, a Role-Playing Fighting Game....

Throw Boss Defunct

Throw Boss Comics or Throw Boss Entertainment or just plain Throw Boss was the name of an explosive imprint which involved writer Edmund Alexander Sims and artist Jason Adam. Presented here are some of their earliest, rawest works - officially on display for perhaps the first time anywhere in one place together.


Pilot stories and poetry are an important piece to a writer's repertoire. Although these stories have not yet all been implemented and poems are not the creative focus of the passion, they hold a special place as a tangential lore which has the aim of spawning a masterpiece or adding an additional layer of depth to the subject matter being addressed. As these items that don't really fit in any of the other categories are uncovered, they'll have a welcome and earned place here.


A push exists to digitize all the classic albums and upload them before they are lost because Def Mute Records does not want to have anything go 'out of print' if they can help it. Luckily, digitized versions and backups of all the old albums exist, and the reality of their critical re-release has become a great likelihood.


Over the years, we have kept a quantity of previously-unreleased material, and more is seemingly being created all the time. These are some real gems that might have been interpolations, remix attempts, clowning around the studio, or unused beatz - but we are of the mind-set and always try to present everything that we record, eventually.

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