The Dope Universe Encyclopedia Reaches 500 Entries

Earlier this morning, NSF Facility helped Dope Enterprises reach a milestone by becoming the 500th entry of its encyclopedia.

Author, Edmund Alexander Sims, was asked to share a few words in commemoration of this occasion: "Around here, we like to say that we are 'building a universe - one word at a time', and no more is this exemplified than with the cataloging of the effort. Whenever a new eBook was written, we knew that Dope Enterprises was growing, but only after intricately weaving the encyclopedia entries did we realize that the universe was expanding exponentially. Honestly, maintaining the series' continuity necessitated this type of indexing detail, but the characters who have driven these stories ultimately deserved it. These 500+ entries are a testament to them for their tireless efforts of interaction with the people, places, and things throughout each story."

The Dope Universe Encyclopedia can be accessed here. To view the details of the Dope Enterprises library, please also check out its bibliography.

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Dope Enterprises is a plot-driven and character-run publisher of the eBook series: SpaceStation Colt, The Enforcers, and Domina. Cerebral, character-focused works; epic story lines; property-spanning arcs; stylish, original literature; and tight continuity are the components that aid us in Building a Universe, One Word at a Time. Our goal is to amass the largest - most delicately-crafted, intricately-woven, meticulously-indexed, and expertly-managed universe ever created: The Dope Universe.


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