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Between a combination of biological and digital clocks, both Human and Slorg engineers found themselves beneath the surface of Botswarra prepping for a reignition of the dead planet's core. Because of space deployment in general and the universally-adopted practice of not necessarily being required to terraform planets in systems featuring a predominant star as their nucleus, time was a whole lot more relative than ever before. Cultural differences aside, not even every planet near Earth subscribed to a twenty-four hour clock or three hundred sixty-five day year. Days and years varied from planet to planet, and many cultures did not use this metric at all. For as vast as the universe was, the only reason some humored the yardstick of the Space Force was because Humans were responsible for connecting much of the universe up with the communication beacon network, so the incredible functionality did net some early bird advantages for the bearer of the technological prescience.

Yes Scakdkvvbq would give the Humans that, but he knew better than to buy into this twenty-four hour clock nonsense for any other reason outside sheer compromise. From out the irony of the Space Force's frailty, the Slorgs needed to adopt the timing metric so their terraforming partners would not become weak and sick. The reasoning totally escaped him as to how they could have risen to such ingenious prominence and universal dominance.

But as surely as the reasoning eluded Scakdkvvbq, the burden of assuaging the Humans' babied needs added heavily to his own workload. From retrofitting the outposts and ships with airtight atmospheric containment to allaying the fears of their elite scientific community that considered Slorg methods to be reckless and irresponsible, he had to continue to cooperate with them by setting aside the bad taste his terraforming partners left in his mouth (despite a standing order to not dine on the Humans) and chalk these petty annoyances up to being all in a day's work.

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