Sheol's Fight Rankings

***For Immediate Press Release***

Dope Enterprises, in association with media conglomerate WZZZ and...the Shokan martial arts clan, is forced pleased - short of being deeply honored to be hosting the fight rankings of the Dope Universe as presented in a static column by Shokan Master and guest WZZZ mixed martial arts analyst Sheol. These fight rankings are being provided as a part of Sheol's universal extortion plot dOOgie Wars initiative to kill unify the three Crimson Red Belts of the Djibouti Clan, purge demonstrate to the universe of any that all disciplines which does not bow before are welcomed to compete by the Shokan, and further tarnish the legacy of prove some valid points about Master Dyoogie by continuing to make a mockery out of leveraging robust synergies (!) in regards to the Dyoogie Discipline.

When provided with a list of questions to asked about this, Sheol responds back in the rhythm of propaganda explains, "I really think that I can offer up an interesting and credible perspective for the readers, viewers, and listeners to follow this unprecedented and ongoing event. Like I said before, the entire universe is the tournament, and any place throughout it can be a ring. As a result, my insightful breakdown of its competitors is not to be missed!"

My fight rankings can be accessed here. To view the details of the Dope Enterprises library, please also check out its bibliography.

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