How the Future Might View Us

I normally do not like to preface my work, but "Criticality Episode 17: Journalism" is so metaphorically driven that it is worthy of at least mentioning if not introspectively noting.

One of the reasons that the Criticality monthly serial appeals to me is that I can explore a variety of topics more quickly than with my other work which takes months to complete. This chapter is not meant as any sort of slap in the face to the media, not used for the purposes of furthering some sort of anti-government sentiment, and not aimed at any people in particular or general. It is a timely piece of writing which happened to coincide perfectly with the continuity of the Enforcers series as this had been planned out months ahead of time and was released from the creative queue in stride. The events are dark and gritty because the eBook of origin, The Enforcers: Freedom to Wield Will, is dark and gritty.

Tactfully executed and written in a manner where a background of the Dope Universe is unnecessary, an open mind will find a delicacy of thought. Do I agree with some of the things that the characters say and do? Yes. Do I disagree with some of the things that the characters say and do? Of course. As often pops up in prose and as is the case with journalism, my opinion on the matter does not need to get in the way of presenting a multifaceted story.

The theme of this chapter is progress, and its irony is that this gets lost in how Chip Schilders approaches his push for it - ultimately harming the quest for his very own edict. This theme is expressed throughout the piece in the context that although there will always be disagreement, disagreement is never an excuse to not move forward - a lesson that Chip unfortunately learns the hard way but a lesson which we can all learn something from.

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