Edmund Alexander Sims Selected as Angie's Diary Author of the Month for June 2012

Earlier today, we were informed that author Edmund Alexander Sims had been selected as the Angie's Diary Author of the Month for June. He began writing for the online magazine back in early October 2011 with a tale by the name of Angular Trifecta which was crafted specifically for weekly serialization and is slated for fifty-two chapters. Featuring an eclectic story line that follows the plight of three different characters - through their own eyes, great pride and care was taken to put together a fresh, new literary work that anybody who did not happen to be familiar with his work could pick right up and be introduced to the excitement of the Dope Universe.

In remarks immediately following the announcement, an appreciative Edmund stated, "I never expect the accolades, but when they come around, it makes me smile for the fans, plot, characters, and writing staff."

Angular Trifecta can be read on Angie's Diary here. To view the details of other eBooks, please also check out our bibliography.

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