Dope Enterprises Announces the Pillorian Regime Saga

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Buffalo Grove, Illinois; 2017-04-24 - Dope Enterprises announced the titles and release dates of its next 10 stories.

"As we close in on the release of our 10th story 'Dyoogie: Right of First Refusal' later this year, it makes sense to let everybody in on our plans for where we're headed," notes Editor, Creative Director Bianca Childress.

The first 10 stories comprise what have come to be affectionately called The Space Force Saga - essentially the foundation and introduction to the Dope Universe. This next slate of 10 will make up The Pillorian Regime Saga and focus on the earliest known antagonist from a story line thirty years in the making.

These 10 stories will not only see the return of mainstays SpaceStation Colt, The Enforcers, Domina, Angular Trifecta, and Dyoogie but the introduction of new properties such as Gentleman I/O, Keys, and The Mercenary Frat - a collaboration between Edmund Alexander Sims and Thomas E. Moore. As usual, DJ VoiceCrack is again being tapped to score another 4 soundtracks to some of these stories.

Shokan Master, Mixed Martial Arts Analyst and Dope Enterprises' resident fight choreographer Sheol adds, "The creative staff really put itself out there for the first 10 stories, so it's like what else are we gonna do? These characters deserve their stories be told, and we'll continue to tell them."

For more information, the Release Schedule can be viewed here. To view the details of other eBooks and music, please also check out the bibliography and discography.

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Dope Enterprises is a plot-driven and character-run publisher of the eBook series: SpaceStation Colt, The Enforcers, and Domina. Cerebral, character-focused works; epic story lines; property-spanning arcs; stylish, original literature; and tight continuity are the components that aid us in Building a Universe, One Word at a Time. Our goal is to amass the largest - most delicately-crafted, intricately-woven, meticulously-indexed, and expertly-managed universe ever created: The Dope Universe.


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